The Vault

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When billionaire philanthropist Sam Montgomery announces that he will not seek a bone marrow transplant from his estranged sister, journalist Leni Diamante sits down and soon discovers there is more than priceless artifacts within his personal impenetrable vault. What lies inside may be what saves or ends Sam's life; it all depends on if Sam can accept his past or not in time.

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About Brian Harrison

I'm a Southwestern Michigan resident and grocery clerk for over a decade, being trained in nearly every position. I am a grocery manager by day, musician, writer, tie collector, and Oreo enthusiast by night.

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Review by: Anouk on June 25, 2018 :
Everyone has their secrets, and so does Multibillionaire Sam Montgomery. The hero of so many people who cured many deseases so far got diagnosed with leukemia and shocked the whole world with this one sentence: "I'd rather die than taking a bone-narrow transplantation from my sister". And so, he contacts a journalist that's quiet different to the most others- Eleni Diamanté.

As she visits him, actually most because of his mysterious vault that keeps things of millions of dollars of worth, she soon finds out what he tried to hide from everybody else- a family-drama full of hatred, pain, love, fear and so much more.

While she leeds us through the book in her perspective, she introduces us to the story of "Sam" from its very beginning. From the life as a family of 4, with a sister, a loving mother and a caring father until it's just him. She explains us his story without missing a thing. What remained from his mother, what his relationship with his father was like and what happened to the siblings that he is so full of hate against her.

With her good heart and her sharp mind, she tries to reach him like no one ever did. She tries to help him understand, and tries him to forgive, so that she becomes a part of his story- in her very own way.

The book is great from the first to the last word, and it's a pleasure to read it. The characters are great, have their very own characters, quirks and issues. They feel and they think and to recognize that is one of the most impressive things of this book. Also, the storyline goes some unpopular ways and makes the story refreshing and enjoyable. At some parts, it is quiet poetic and gives charme to the characters. All in all, it is fantastic.

A big thank you to bookreads for giving me the chance to read this, and a even bigger thank you to the author hisself, it was a pleasure to read this piece of art you made.

"the difference between past and future is just the difference between memory and
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: Navodhya Bandara on May 19, 2018 :
The all-too-perfect multibillionaire, Sam Montgomery, sounds too perfect to be real. Everything that has been revealed so far gets everyone to love and adore this philanthropic multibillionaire who seeks only to help others. But right when his life takes a twist downhill, Eleni gets an exclusive interview with Sam which reveals the deepest secrets in his life. From the most cherished treasures in the whole wide world to family relationships that have turned sour. It's a different twist from all the cliche novels and keeps you thinking even after finishing it. I strictly believe in no spoilers per se but I'd like to quote my favourite line from the book. "Don't live trying to recreate the butterflies in our stomach but live being the butterflies for the world." Well done Brian Harrison!
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
Review by: Bzee on May 17, 2018 :
"Don’t live trying to re-create the butterflies in our stomach but live being the butterflies for the world"

Samuel Montgomery is a multi-billionaire, a philanthropist genius, who just diagnosed with leukemia. He announced to the world, that he would rather die than receive bone marrow transplant from his sister, the only family member he has. He then allowed a journalist, Eleni Diamanté, to make exclusive interview in his home on the small island in Greece. The home which contains The Vault, that hide the most precious things all human beings could only imagine.

While we're mysteriously taken to the mysterious home, with no assistant, minimum electricity, and marvelous design, we're introduced to our billionaire's life and past. The writing style is unique, there are parts when Leni read Sam's journal which contains photographs from his childhood. There are real photographs that I assume from the author's own family album, there are screenshots from facebook status, messaging, and tweet.

As a character, Sam is too perfect, too unreal. He's described as an angel that keeps donating his unlimited money, he tried negotiate with terrorists to help making the world peace, he's also a genius with degrees in pharmacy and business, leads a research company and finds cures to a bunch of diseases, guarantees people could receive medications with low price, and keeps high wages for his employees. It bothers me that all the research seem could work well by flooding it with unlimited funds, while ignoring the facts about the complexity of scientific processes.

As Leni gets deeper into Sam's life, she found the reason for his anger towards his sister. I think this is the most interesting aspect of the book, family issue. Starting from his childhood, each of their relationships gives us clues about how all things happened and his character grows. I like his conversations with Leni about life and its mystery. They tickle us to think more about life, our surroundings, our purposes, the past, the present, and the future. The ending is predictable and unpredictable at the same time. This book doesn't give us tense or adventure, but it's a fine reading for contemplating.

"I think finding beauty and accepting whatever it is we find is what the meaning of life is truly. Whatever I accept as meaningful and beautiful is going to be different from your view, and it makes no difference in how we live our life, but why we live our life. Beauty is what we work for, what we fight for, what we protect and would die for in order to keep that meaning alive, to keep the beautiful living and thriving."
(reviewed 20 days after purchase)
Review by: Zurima Goncalves on May 7, 2018 :
All billionaires have their peculiarities, and Sam Montgomery is not the exception, he is 32 years old and has everything that many people could only dream, and also has a good heart his fame is due to all the philanthropic activity he has done and how much he has helped people, however not everything is going as it should, Sam has leukemia and prefers to die before giving his sister the chance to save him, this statement has everyone shocked especially because no one knows he has a sister, his peculiarity is his Vault, which contains in a very particular way objects of all kinds, and that has been built so that if you want to destroy something, everything is destroyed, this vault is under the jealous eye of Sam and only one person, a journalist will be the one who can see it, and make known to the world not only its content but aspects of Sam's life that nobody else knows.

The book is written in first person from the perspective of the journalist, Leni Diamante, a journalist with a lot of experience chosen specifically by Sam, she is debating how to carry out the interview, she has been waiting for so long and now she doesn't know what to ask, or how to do it, what she should do? to give the public what they want? Show her point of view? What does Sam Montgomery have that makes him so interesting? What is hidden? Why that deep hatred towards his sister, who is his sister? as we get into the book, the relationship of these characters is developing very interesting and the plots are pretty good (no spoilers, sorry).

I must admit that I developed a crush for Sam from the first moment, I do not know if it was the intention of the author, but I loved the character, he is interesting, very intelligent, caring, and of course handsome and wealthy, and definitely someone who you would like to know about especially for the big heart and how deep his thoughts and feelings are, another thing that I like is the references that the book makes to the time, his perspective on this subject is quite interesting

Without a doubt, if you like books that leave you thinking, and with enough substance, you will like this one. I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I got a free copy from the author through Booktasters to make this review, I loved reading it, I hope to read something else by this author soon
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)
Review by: AfrojChandra on April 9, 2018 :
"The Fault" by Brian Harrison, is the first ever book I read of this writer. The book is mainly on a billionaire Samuel Montgomary, who was nearing his death and refused help from his only family alive, his sister. His strong rejection drew attention of the world and of course people wanted to know more. This led, Eleni Diamanté, a rising journalist to have an opportunity to have an exclusive interview from "Sam". However, what we see. both from Eleni and Sam's view, is rather a deep insight of Sam's past life and his inner conflicts.
The story kind of tells about many people, all of them might not be a millionaire, but may have this kind of struggles as a part of their lives. The way how the writer describes it is what charmed me most. Sam needed help with his thoughts and conceptions he had of his surroundings, specially his sister. Eleni, later called "Leni" tried it.
In my thoughts, this book shows how a human tends to see and explain things his/her way and often realizes at the end, that his/her belief might not be right, which I really agree with. In parts it seemed a bit monotonous, but the thorough details and pictures helped to cope up I guess. It's worth a try if someone has the patience and mentality to see the final picture after a run for a while. Happy reading!
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)
Review by: unicorn meryl streep on March 14, 2018 : (no rating)
A Picture of a Thousand Words!

Samuel Montgomery is a young business billionaire with a beautiful heart to everyone but everything turns down when he diagnoses with leukemia and refuses to accept a bone marrow transplant from his sister. Despite the good, he did to the community the hatred he put to his sister is so deep that no one can describe how is that happen. He asked a famous journalist Leni Diamante to interview him and show him the most intriguing and highly secured vault. During the interview, he tells Leni about his life, his family and the reason why he hates so much his sister. That interview also shows what kind of person is Sam is from the outside world as a businessman and a man of their family, a son to his father whom he adored so much and to his mother whom he misses so much.

This book is quite intriguing to me in the first place, a very interesting story which leads me to the end of the book. A funny story with a thrilling one. I thought Sam and Leni become a lover in the story, I'm little disappointed (hehehe). And the forgiveness of Sam towards his sister for me I am not satisfied I want them to have face to face but things happen unexpectedly. Still, it's very beautiful books, where you as a reader gives you a realization from negative to positive, from immoral to moral, that money can't buy happiness and forgiveness.

Realistic, love and forgiveness.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
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