Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation (Kim Polman & Stephen Vasconcellos-Sharpe)

A collection of essays that explore how a compassionate approach to business, finance, the environment and politics can transform our world. Each essay takes one of the world's most critical challenges and outlines a solution predicated on the golden rule: treat others and the planet as you wish to be treated. The book was co-curated by Kim Polman and Stephen Vasconcellos-Sharpe. More

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About Stephen Vasconcellos-Sharpe

Stephen has spent almost two decades working at the highest level in over 60 countries. During that time he has had the privilege of meeting a number of heads of state, business leaders and visionaries. He has also experienced first hand the challenges and opportunities of globalization in many of the world's key emerging markets. Having spent over a decade in the world of nation-branding, he is now publishes Salt, a platform for gamechangers and visionaries, and is convenor of Reboot the Future, a social enterprise with a mission to change the world.

Stephen has a keen interest in social media and the potential of this new platform to define markets, provoke change and - more recently - alter the course of history. He cares passionately about our planet and preserving/restoring the delicate and beautiful balance of all living things.

He is a positive change agent and a believer in a better world. Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation is a collaboration of 25 of the world's leading thought leaders on the future we deserve. Collaborators include Al Gore, Desmond Tutu, Jonathon Porritt, Mohamed Yunus, Paul Polman Johan Rockstrom, Thomas Lovejoy, Tom Skazy and many others. This book was co-curated by Kim Polman. Stephen and Kim have founded Reboot the Future, a UK charity with a global mission to embed the golden rule into education, business and society. They believe that the widespread application of this principle can create the conditions for a global mindset change.

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