In 1944, Staff Sergeant Frederic C. Martini’s bomber was shot down over France. He was captured by the Gestapo and, along with 167 other Allied airmen, sent to Buchenwald concentration camp to await execution. He survived—but just barely. When he returned home, the US government, the Army, and the VA denied his accounts to protect Nazi specialists brought to the US with fabricated histories. More

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About Frederic H Martini

In addition to professional publications that include journal articles and contributed chapters, technical reports, and magazine articles, Dr. Martini is the lead author of ten undergraduate textbooks, two Atlases, and five clinical manuals in the fields of anatomy and physiology or anatomy. He has also written a book for amateur naturalists that was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection.
Dr. Martini is a NOAA Ocean Explorer, He is currently an affiliated researcher with the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and has a long-standing bond with the Shoals Marine Laboratory, a joint venture between Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire. He belongs to many scientific and professional societies, is a President Emeritus of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, and is an advisor to the board of the Authors Guild.
Betrayed is Dr. Martini's first foray into historical nonfiction. Over seven years, what started as a wartime story about his father evolved as he uncovered declassified WWII and post-war documents held in the national archives of the US, UK, France, and Germany. The section of his website that is devoted to Betrayed includes resource notes, commentary, supporting documents, and slideshows for each chapter.

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