Infinite Riches: How To Create Money In Abundance

Somewhere, somehow a lie was presented and accepted by millions of people. This one falsehood has negatively affected more people than any other thought in history.
Clergy, parents, governments, and teachers wrote and spoke negatively of this misunderstood topic and the general public believed it to be true.
What is this lie? Wealth is something other than great! More

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About Dr. Michael J. Duckett

Dr. Michael J. Duckett began life in an extremely impoverished and dangerous environment. As a young child he was orphaned and left on the streets of Detroit with seven sisters, and through perseverance and hard work became extremely successful by age 23.

For over thirty years, Dr. Michael J. Duckett has studied the fundamentals of human behavior that most affect achievement on personal and professional levels. Having learned the secrets of happiness and wealth, and having built several successful businesses, he now concentrates on developing and sharing his discoveries with others. As a result, Michael has established another reputation in addition to Master of Success—that of a dynamic educator who has been described as the Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) of the 21st Century.

As a social research scientist, successful entrepreneur, and life-long student, Dr. Duckett founded Upgrading Life, Inc. in 1996 because he wanted to give back to others by creating and teaching a unique and effective technology of life called Upgrading Your Life To the Next Level. Michael discovered that life and success have definite patterns, and he formed a number of these patterns into exclusive life technologies. These technologies are unprecedented, and will quickly bring positive, effective changes to a person’s life, career, or business.

The popularity of Dr. Duckett’s books and seminars continues to grow because Upgrading Your Life To the Next Level identifies specific mental codes in every person that keeps people stuck at a specific functioning level of life. Dr. Duckett is able to take complex ideas and distill them into simple, workable programs that are easy to do and produce results. The simplicity of these programs has attracted a great deal of international attention, leading to interviews on hundreds of television, radio, and other media programs in the United States and abroad. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in money, happiness, career, or an array of other topics— Upgrading Your Life To the Next Level will produce results for you!

Michael has spoken before thousands who have attended his seminars, who claim his books and seminars have changed their lives.

A successful entrepreneur and avid student, Michael holds advanced degrees in many disciplines including Business, Theology, Chiropractic and Law. He has lived and studied in many parts of the world, and is an international author, speaker and trainer in high demand by individuals, groups and corporations.

Dr. Duckett’s high energy and enthusiasm around his work is contagious and creates a “magnetic” attraction with his audiences.

Besides Breaking The Money Barriers, Dr. Duckett has authored numerous other books and tapes including Overcoming Fear, Six Keys To Balancing Life, How to Be Up During the Down Times, Creating The Time Of Your Life, Simple Stock Market and many others.

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