Keep the Fun; Plan for the Future

Stop budgeting and start enjoying the money you've worked for and ensure that you can enjoy it in the future. Discover the drains on your time and money, find ways to eliminate them by creating a customized and simplified financial system for you.
Say "No" to starting at zero. Keep the fun and plan for your future today! More
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About Joy Oliver

After 10 years counting money for entrepreneurs, retailers and manufacturers, Joy Oliver realized that the people who seem to overcome financial hurdles with ease all have one thing in common: A system for handling their money. Joy learned from these countless individuals and families and adopted their principles.

“What Can Notes Do for You?” is one of her first books. It is a brief overview for people who are unfamiliar with real estate notes, but who are seeking alternatives to traditional investing. This complimentary book also comes with a short video course by the same name. You can find it at

For investors seeking to find out up front how much an investment will cost them up front and overtime as well as how much it will put into their bank account, keep an eye open for “Keep Your Note Profits”. Many people hear the hype about how much an investment generated, but there is no mention about how much made it into the bank account.

“Keep Your Note Profits” highlights the importance of using pre-due diligence to discover whether or not an asset will be profitable and how to ensure that investors keep their profit in their own pocket. For excerpts and updates on the book launch, visit

For those working to climb out of debt it seems as if they must put their future on hold while every cent they work for goes into someone else’s wallet. “Keep the Fun, Plan for the Future” is for people who refuse to start at zero. There is no need to avoid a favorite restaurant, movie theater or put off taking a vacation. Debt should absolutely be eliminated as quickly as possible, but after the basic needs of today and tomorrow are covered. Visit to learn more about this and other upcoming books.

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