The Odd Fellow: A Mystery

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Count or Counterfeit? He does look shabby for a Count...
Read this short mystery and get to know Pierre Reynard of The Bastille Mysteries. More
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About Ian Honeysett

Ian Honeysett is a Crime Thriller writer, married to Jan with 3 children, and lives in Godalming, Surrey. His other interests are painting and playing the ukulele. He has 2 books published, The Bastille Mysteries, with long-time friend, author Pete Stevens.


Review by: RichSale on Aug. 23, 2018 :
A French Catholic priest has a side hobby as a busy body "detective." While sticking his nose into other people's business, he uncovers a possible murder, and of course . . . rather than call the police, he wants to try and solve the mystery himself. I loved this story!
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Review by: Pops on June 10, 2018 :
This story had a very cozy feel to it, yet it was edgy also. The narrator was a familiar soul, someone I wanted to spend time with and listen to, yet the tale was sordid and full of dirty deeds. There is something I like about a priest telling a story, maybe from hearing them tell all the Bible stories as a child.
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Review by: TiraPlum1 on May 30, 2018 :
This short murder mystery has a breezy yet literary aire to it. I loved the way the narrative voice tells the story. It felt like I know the narrator personally and we are sitting in a Paris cafe 100 years ago and he's telling me this tale of deep intrigue, yet he's telling it in a gossipy sort of way. Having French and British ancestors who were Catholic and working class, I had a strong attraction to the symbols and figures and ways of thinking in the story. I do hope there are more stories in this series because I'd buy them and read them with great joy.
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Review by: Ray1184 on April 3, 2018 :
Elegant in the telling of this story and many fine details. The characterisation and action was superb. More please.
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Review by: Chad Ruggerio on March 23, 2018 :
This murder mystery takes you back to old Paris. Has there been a dirty deed done on an old widow? Will the snooping priest snoop too far? Something close to perfection the way this story flowed like fine silk. And it had good bit of wry humor.
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Review by: PaulS972 on Feb. 25, 2018 :
This little book is written by a pro. It was recommended to me by Malcolm Torres in a writers group on G+, and I'm glad I took the time to put it on my iPad and read it. I wish there was another available in this series. One suggestion is that the author make it available in other formats such as mobi for Kindle.
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Review by: RockySlattery on Feb. 17, 2018 :
This is a classic little mystery story told quite well.
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Review by: MarkRuggs on Jan. 30, 2018 :
I've had this one on my phone for the past few months and have started several times but didn't read through even though it is very well written. The main character is quite likable. He's funny and likes to snoop around. I'm happy that I got back to the story and read through it. I wish this author would write a few more stories with this same main character.
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Review by: Malcolm Torres on Jan. 7, 2018 :
This is a well paced and nicely narrated story. Once I started reading I could not put it down and read it all the way through to the end in one sitting. The contrast between the well mannered and humorous narrator / main character and the sordid details of the plot, the crime and the bad guy (the odd fellow) created quite a bit of tension. The French and the Catholic themes resonate with me, and I really liked the setting and the time period as well. This is a classic "olde tyme" crime thriller that I believe anyone who enjoys reading will relish. This great story is a rare gem here on Smashwords.
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