True Nairobi

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The story picks up years after the supposed death of child trafficker and Drug Lord Mica Avakian. Nalia is all grown up and goes by Nina now. Times have changed. With the security she knew taken away, she finds herself intertwined in the racy life of Nairobi drug mules bartending at a local club because of her limited educational background. More
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About Sandra Nekh

I am Sandra, a girl from a little village in Africa. I knew I had a love for words and stories when I picked up my first book on Red Indians when I was about 6/7 Years. I cant remember the name of the book but there was something about this other world that drove me insane. IT haunted my dreams and soon I could see myself in this new world. Because my world was very limited I realized that I could travel through the words. That was how I found myself preferring to read quietly in a corner than play outside with the rest. I was about 8/9 when I picked up a pen to write. Since then I have written but its only until 2015 that I decided to publish with Lulu. I write fiction and scrips. I also work in the Film industry and Design. I enjoy Digital art drawing. reading online comics, Anime and music.

About the Series: Dissociate Series
Dissociate series; Dissociate Nalia's Resolve, True Nairobi, Red Nairobi and Last chapter.

Sixteen-year-old Kenyan Nalia knows nothing other than the life given to her by the powerful Avakian House ran by businessman Mica Avakian. Nalia knows a luxurious life fueled by flesh trade and drug trafficking. She has reaped the rewards of this lifestyle for years and is content, but a darkness avails itself to her. Nalia runs from her home and faces new challenges in pursuit of freedom and happiness. She is haunted by memories of a dark past that threatens her almost immaculate present. She reacts to this fear by finding comfort in Kyura, a seventeen-year-old who has his own demons to tame. Both Nalia and Kyura are at a precipice. Drugs and alcohol indulgence, unfulfilled promises and a quest for change are the catalysts to the direction they take. A choice has to be made; impending doom or inviolable sanctity.

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Review by: Trishnar on Jan. 30, 2018 :
I didn't know that this book was part of a series, but that said, it was not one of those books where one has to follow the story line from the beginning.
It started out a bit slow for me, then picked up pace pretty fast, which is something I look for in a book. The author is very engaging in how she tells the story. There is a certain ebb and flow to it.
I was a little bit mixed up when she started interchanging the names (as I have mentioned, I was not aware that it's part of a series) but that got clarified shortly after.
Nina/ Nalia is quite a character to behold. Lance is easily taken by her, although he was looking for an angle to go about his investigation. She seems to have a way with the people that surround her but at the same time is easily influenced, especially with the drug ring.
I would have wished for more depth in terms of character building. Perhaps that was covered in the first book - I will have to find out. There was also some sense of suspense throughout the story, which is good as it keeps the reader intrigued. However, I thought it would end on a higher note than it did.
All in all, I very much enjoyed reading it and recommend it. I am definitely following the series to find out more. I give it the 4th rating
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