The Daunting Series, The Book of Inception

This is the first part of Riley's story starting at age seven. As she grows older she finds that her destiny is not one of her choosing. The United States has long ago fallen and the second regime in its place is unspeakably brutal. Riley destiny is to take it down. Come with Riley on a journey where she learns to trust, to let go, and to believe in herself. More
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July 28, 2018
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About Debbie Browdy

Debbie Browdy was born in St. Louis, MO but lived most of her life till after HS graduation in Wadsworth, OH. She considers herself from that small town where she sowed most of her wild oats. During her high school days, she wanted to be a songwriter and coerced her friend's Dad into reading her lyrics which weren't the best, to put it mildly.
Her love for writing probably started with her crazy college English Comp prof who was very inspirational. What was strange and difficult for her at the time was that she didn't read that much because she couldn't always retain what she read.
Later in life, she had two children. She had a horrendous car accident with a brain injury and of all the terrible things that happened afterward she was able to read and fell in love with words. From that point forward she read and read then wrote and wrote.
Now Debbie's children are grown, she lives in a log cabin with her kind of psycho German Shepherd and her rowdy Siberian Husky writing daily.

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