Escape the Fat Trap: It's Not Rocket Science!

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This book provides all the information needed to set anybody on the road to achieving a great physique in a relatively short period of time. It is not complicated because it does not need to be. As the title states, ‘it isn’t rocket science!’ There are four main elements that combine to make the program effective: Mindset, Nutrition, Progressive Strength Training and Rest. More
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About David Penney

David Penney has a BSc and two doctorates in Biological/Earth Sciences. He recently undertook a self-directed weight loss and strength development body transformation, losing approximately one-third of his body weight in around 7 months, reducing from a 46-inch waist down to 33-inches. He is now fitter and stronger than ever before in his life and as of 2018, when he turns 50-years-old, will be competing as a Masters 2 Powerlifter. He is married with two daughters and one son and runs his own publishing business (Siri Scientific Press), which focuses on palaeontology and entomology, having spent more than two decades as an academic researching these topics. He has published approximately 100 scientific research papers and written more than ten books, all of which have been well received by academics and laypersons alike.

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Escape the Fat Trap: It's Not Rocket Science!
You can see evidence of the author's rapid weight loss and strength development body transformation in this 90 second video.

Reviews of Escape the Fat Trap: It's Not Rocket Science! by David Penney reviewed on Jan. 19, 2018

A very well thought out and carefully executed book.
This book is not like other fitness books out there, it goes into detail the first baby steps you need to make to ensure success when trying to loose weight, get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It does not overload you with facts and figures at the get go. Nor does it try and push you to purchase a particular product or join any programmes which can be overly priced and don't always work. It is not just about loosing weight, it is also about making subtle changes in your everyday routine, down to what to eat and how to effectively eat less or eliminate junk food. I like the fact it goes into detail which methods of exercise are most effective to particular muscles in the body. What is also great is how it enables the reader to ensure their initial goals are easily met and to maintain their health in the long run with steady and increasing exercise regimes. I would happily recommend this book to anyone who wants a change of lifestyle and wants to get fit!
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