Kettlebell Training Fundamentals—a book for beginners and those wanting to become PRO at kettlebells

New to Kettlebells? Train without Pain.
Whether you have tried the kettlebells at your local CrossFit box and have injured yourself, or you have reached a plateau and are looking for something new to reinvigorate what has become a dull and repetitive training routine, Kettlebell Training Fundamentals is the answer. Lay the foundation to become a PRO kettlebell enthusiast or trainer. More

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About Taco Fleur

Although Taco Fleur has always had love for physical activity and has been active in the fitness industry since 1989, he started out professionally in the computer internet technology field. After growing up in The Netherlands, Taco spent a year in the Dutch Royal Air Force, eventually moving to Spain at the age of 19. It was there that he got into designing websites and working with computers. Two years later, at age 21, Taco decided he wanted to take on the challenge of owning his own business. He launched "Malaga IT", an internet development and hosting company.

He knew pretty quickly that he was meant to have his own business. Since selling "Malaga IT", he has launched and run several companies, including the Australian Business Directory clickfind™. It was clear very early that he was always going to be an entrepreneur.

Taco's true love and passion, however, has always been with health and fitness. He felt the need to help others achieve their goals and change their lives. In 2004, he collaborated with Anna Junghans to bring about the fitness training organization Executive Results, which allowed him to both follow his drive to promote fitness and to respect his entrepreneurship inclinations Together, Taco and Anna designed some of the most challenging and notoriously tough boot camps in Brisbane, Australia. The camps were run in circuits, where participants, besides a handful of short water breaks, would exercise non-stop for 45 minutes. Since its inception, Executive Results opened up The TOUGH Spot, two unique gym in Brisbane, and have added personal training, Cavemantraining, hardcore workouts, boxing, Muay Thai, cross training and suspension training to its services. He then continued to open up a gym in Vietnam called Gym Elite, then moved to Thailand and is now living back in Spain.

Taco is constantly looking for adventure and is always up for a physical challenge. In addition to working out, Taco also enjoys participating in mixed martial arts, particularly Muay Thai, in which he's participated in one amateur fight, and is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt. He holds the following fitness qualifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Kettlebells Level 2 Trainer, MMA Fitness Level 2, MMA Conditioning Level 1, PUNCH and several others.

"There is nothing I love more than seeing people enjoying our programs and getting the results they've been wanting."

→ Paper route at age 14
(you don't see or hear of this anymore these days, unfortunately largely due to stupid laws which prevent teenagers from experiencing what it's like to work for money and have responsibilities)

→ Joined the military (Dutch Royal Airforce) voluntarily at age 16

→ Moved to Spain

→ Opened first business with no previous experience

→ Walked the Camino Del Rey when it was still worth doing and dangerous

→ Went canyoning in the Sierra Nevada

→ Swam through the Camino Del Rey (El Chorro) from start to end

→ Went canyoning in the Rio Verde

→ Created an awesome son

→ Moved to the other side of the world, Australia

→ Opened second business

→ Opened third business which was the first fitness related business

→ Opened first gym

→ Completed Caveman Training Course

→ Opened second gym

→ Trekked up Mt Sapa, the highest mountain in Vietnam

→ Completed Plyometrics course

→ Ran up Mt Warning in Australia

→ Completed PUNCH Boxing For Fitness

→ Participated in the 100k Bribie Island Multi Sport race

→ Participated in Hells Bells 24 hour adventure race

→ Completed MMA Conditioning Level 1

→ Completed Tough Mudder (the toughest event on the planet, but not really)

→ Completed CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

→ Completed Kettlebell Level II Trainer

→ Muay Thai amateur fight

→ Competed in several BJJ tournaments and obtained Gold and Silver

→ Completed MMA Fitness Level II

→ Moved to Vietnam

→ Opened third gym in Vietnam

→ Moved to Thailand

→ Moved to Spain

→ Started Kettlebell Professional Course

He did lots of other cool stuff, like visiting many waterfalls, training at different muay thai camps, trekking through many forests, swimming through many streams and rivers. And now, plenty more to come.


Become a kettlebell PRO
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