Essentials for Natural Healing

We are being led to look how we are truly living our lives and how we feed our body, mind and soul. Human beings went from eating the bounty of Mother Earth to eating manufactured products filled with chemicals and food coloring that have created illness within our body. It is time to really look at how we are nurturing our body: physically, emotionally and spiritually. More

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About Kimberley Anne Buckler

Kimberley Anne Buckler is a Reiki Master (intuitive) that was drawn to write a book on the spirit realm in 2015. "The Essence of Who We Are" provides an insight into who we really are, and why so many of us are sensitive. This is a must read for everyone. We all have someone in our life that is sensitive, sees spirits and/or has been labeled. There are many labels that have been applied to those that truly see or feel the spirit realm. This book will help all of us to learn how we can live in a place of more compassion and learn some tricks to feel a lot more comfortable.

In 2017, Kimberley finally finished her (little encyclopedia) Go To Book "Essentials of Natural Healing". This book covers several ways of natural healing from energy work to the food that we eat. This book shares what our food contains and how it can heal our bodies. Learn about: diary, fruit, grains, herbs, meat, legumes, nuts - oils - seeds, vegetables and essential oils.

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