Why Only A Few Succeed

Why do so many fail, and only a few succeed? As much as God wants everyone to succeed, we limit Him, and we limit ourselves by our thinking, beliefs and attitude. We cannot afford to think negatively about any aspects of our lives. Neither can we afford to give negative thinking any space in our lives.

Our thoughts govern our lives. ‘WHY ONLY A FEW SUCCEED; Why You Should Be One Of Them! shows h More

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About Lufadeju Olusegun

Lufadeju Olusegun is a Personal Development Expert, a Sociologist, Reformer, Mind Mastery Coach, Publisher, Author, Teacher, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Pastor and initiator of the Mind Masters Program and Believers Maturity Series.

Having been there, Lufadeju has a vision to help those who are currently stuck to go from where they are to where they desire to be, through an understanding of the power of the mind; and to release and maximize the potential of their mind. He said “Anyone can achieve success; anyone can create a desired future, who is willing to learn and understand how the mind works”.

He is a trainer and the initiator of MIND MASTERS PROGRAM - a personal development and mind mastery training program, where he trains people in understanding how the mind works to achieve success and desired goals. His other works include BELIEVERS MATURITY SERIES a series of books and training aimed at helping Believers to mature in their Christian walk.

Lufadeju has impacted many Nigerian youths through his Annual Teenagers Summit (NATESA), an essay witting and presentation competition among Secondary School Students in Nigeria. As a trainer, coach, and conference speaker, Lufadeju is available to take his message to the world on Why Only A Few Succeed! Why You Should Be One Of Them.

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