Promise Me

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The bomber has one demand: Only Thomas 'Easy' Steel is allowed to disable the bomb. If anyone else tries, he would kill the woman. As he approaches her, Easy discovers that she is the most important person in his life. And, as he studies the bomb, he discovers that it is especially cruel. 

Who is the bomber? 


And, will they make it out alive? More
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About Jack O. Daniel

Jack O. Daniel is an enigma.

He is an observer of people and a chronicler of life.


Review by: Robert on Oct. 22, 2017 :
Even if I appreciated the writing style of the author, what I truly enjoyed, is the captivating manner in which the writer crafted the story as, due to the topic approached in a "New York" context (but from a fresh perspective), reminded me somehow of the quality “Hollywood” thrillers.

From a well-structured dose of romance, intrigue, and action, simultaneously mixed with a significant dose of adrenaline, engaging characters (especially the protagonists, Thomas and his wife) and context, resulted in a twisted and, at the same time fast paced story-line, which personally got me into the story right from the first pages.

It’s the first time when I read one of the Jack O. Daniels novellas and, as it seems positively detached from the other love stories that I’ve read, I would warmly recommend “Promise Me” to the readers who are craving to read a book from one standing!
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Review by: Taylor on Oct. 21, 2017 :
This book was so very excellent! From the first page I was sucked in, completely lost in the story until I had devoured the very last word. It was suspenseful, mysterious, romantic, and engaging. My heart was pounding with anticipation through the mystery and skipping beats as I swooned over the love story of the main characters! This author creates a well-written and tremendously twisty story-line that readers of all genres will love. I was roped into the world of these characters and I never wanted to leave. Promise Me is edge-of-your-seat, clever, fast paced genius. The author masterfully crafts a brilliant read with this book and it’s one I’ll be keeping on my shelf for years to come and recommending to friends and family. I’ll definitely be looking out for more from Jack O. Daniel!
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Review by: masondaxton on Oct. 19, 2017 :
Story is the “Bomb” (You’ll get the joke when you read it.)

Promise Me is an amazing crime fiction book. It holds suspense and romance throughout the story, keeping you fully engaged. It has twists back to back everywhere and the characters really sink in to you to the point where you feel connected. The book is not only good but it’s also a good short read. With it only being 100-ish pages it doesn’t dread you along like other romance books can. A lot of romance novels tend to keep the story going so long to the point that it just becomes uninteresting, however in this book, that is not the case. This book is filled with just enough romance and just enough action and just enough adventure to create an amazing combustion of words on pages that keep you turning the pages. If you choose to read this review and not get the book, I’d have to say, you’ve just given yourself a hard loss.
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Review by: amanda williams on Oct. 18, 2017 :
This book is an extremely interesting and imaginative read. I particularly loved the style of the book and it made sure to grab me from the very beginning and hold my attention to the very end.

It's an extremely fast paced book with full of adventure. The characters were very inventive and they make sure to engage you from the start.

First time reading any of this authors work and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a well thought out and interesting story. I found myself looking forward in anticipation to the next scene. The story flowed very well and at the end I wanted more. There are many twists and turns. I did not want to put it down

This book can be enjoyed time and time again.I highly recommend it and I cannot wait to read more from this author.

Will definitely recommend to all friends and family
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