Cameron of the Seas

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Bernard 'Duck' Cameron, a Lt. Cmdr. in the Royal Australian Navy, returns from a black ops mission a broken man. As bad as it is, his amputated limb is the least of his problems; more worrying is the damage to his psyche. Frightened of what he could do to his family he decides to leave them. This is just the beginning of their heartache. There are other challenges ahead. Is love enough? More

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About Angelin Sydney


As a writer, Angelin Sydney interweaves romantic stories with thrilling plots that twist and turn in many ways.

Since moving to Australia twenty-five years ago, she has had numerous incarnations. She was a banker, an insurance seller, housing loan broker, and home-stay mother to literally hundreds of international students. Over the years, she has also become a small business owner, casual kitchen hand and currently, a live-in nanny. So, one can say, she has been around.

Her most consistent role, however, is being a mother to her four wonderful children, one of whom has gone ahead leaving her devastated and heartbroken. It was his untimely departure that motivated her to write stories to help others heal, laugh, hope and dare to dream.

She is a believer in the kindness of people, so by extension, this has been the usual theme of her stories. She believes in redemption, love, and purpose. Every story she writes reflect these values.

For her, writing is as essential as breathing. The only reason she’d stop doing it is if she were incapacitated or dead. Working for a living gets in the way of her writing which she finds very sad. In the ideal world, all she’d be doing is entertaining her readers. This is her utmost wish.

As a novelist, her style is to keep conversations realistic. So funnily enough, although she doesn't swear, her characters do; perhaps this is her unconscious release.

The questions most readers ask her of her writing style: What makes you distinct from other writers?

There are two things: One, she likes to infuse her stories with what she calls the "everyday moment" because it adds flavour to the narrative. It gives it authenticity. For instance, if someone was depress she'd have the character watch a lot of infomercials on television. From her observation, this is a reality of life, when we are struggling, we do mindless activities like sleep or watch the paint dry.

Two, she likes the interplay of light and dark. "That's life, isn't it?" She said, adding that, "even in our period of mourning, there is laughter. And when we are happy, sadness still creeps into our lives. As a result of this, my stories tend to be a roller-coaster ride. A lot of ups and downs."


They are stunningly original, funny, swoon-worthy and thrilling to the core.

She’s the self-styled queen of romantic comedy and the romance/action/thriller genre.

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About the Series: The Cameron
This outstanding series chronicles the lives of five brothers, all of them in active military service. It also includes its prequel, Lifesaver in a Bikini.

Return to Cameron Country centres on SAS Bryce Cameron and the love of his life, Belle.

Cameron of the Skies tells the story of Captain Banjo Cameron, a Black Hawk helicopter pilot and his love-interest, Andy Cosgrove. She is with the U.S. Air Force and as tough as they come.

Cameron of the Seas chronicles the life and love of Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diver Bernard 'Duck' Cameron and his long-suffering love, Bonita.

There are two more brothers whose stories need to be told; so, two more novels are coming out in 2018.

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Review by: Sohini De on Nov. 14, 2017 :
Having read the previous installations of the Cameron Series, I was eagerly waiting for Cameron of the Seas. Despite being a relatively new author, I find Angelin Sydney remarkable. Not only does she weave a beautiful storyline, but also leaves a swathe of a myriad of emotions, which as a reader challenges me and helps me understand the depth of characters. Another thing that matters most is the writing style. The words of the author beautifully describe a situation without being too descriptive or getting lost in unnecessary elaboration, and I truly adore this. Intrinsic complexities of the plot remain equally thrilling throughout the series, however, I considerably liked the portrayal of scenarios and depiction of events more in this third book, than the first two.

The story revolves around Bernard Cameron aka Duck, a navy commander, and his love interest Bonita, a formidable and high-spirited woman who struggles with single motherhood. Bernard and Bonita meet under unexpected circumstances, but their paths entwine. The story begins with a heartbreaking separation of the couple. While the author keeps the reason furtive, it is the display of anguish that gets the reader immediately attached to the story. No sooner had I began, I craved to know more about Duck and Bonita. The story then travels in two parallel storylines where we trace back to the beginning of the two people, how they met, and how their lives change after the breakup.
Reading more about Duck, who has an amputated leg, I notice that it is not the physical pain that hurts him but rather the emotional suffering that is imperative. The author beautifully highlights the true horrors of life, the struggles of relationship, and the menacing threat of real circumstances. Characters of Bonita and Duck have been crafted with care, displaying the various shades of grey. Supporting characters like Bonita's baby girl, Megan, Duck's friend Ryan also play a significant role.

The book meanders through the plot and leaves a desire in the reader for more. A couple of dramatic events throw challenges at Bonita and Duck. In the end, it is a story of hardship and struggle; a story of victory against all odds; and mostly a story of love and life. Overall, Cameron of the seas goes an extra mile by acknowledging a special force protagonist, and the physical and emotional hurdles they face. Indeed, the story and its characters leave a lasting impression on the readers.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)
Review by: masondaxton on Nov. 10, 2017 :
This whole series is absolutely amazing. They drag me in every time from the first page. I would have to say that I think out of the whole series, this book, Cameron of the Seas, is by far my favorite. It has the most suspense, drama, and action which are all dramas well known to engage you.

This book, like others written by Angelin, is completely unpredictable. The use of special forces is what really makes her books unique. I’ve never read a series that made them seem so interesting. I’d definitely recommend reading this book, if not the whole series because it will definitely be your most memorable reads.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Review by: amanda williams on Oct. 28, 2017 :
Absolutely beautiful and touching story. I have fallen in love with this series so much and the stories in the series are written so perfectly. It has everything you could want. Humour, romance, and lots of drama.

One of my favourite quotes from the book was "I can't get this out of my mind. I can't forget. It would have been better for me to have left him out there to float away but I couldn't". A reason this was one of my favourites was due to the fact it shows the character's vulnerability but also their strength which shows due to the author's obvious passion in their writing.

I love the fact that the stories are a celebration of the strength, courage, and conviction of Special Forces heroes. As with the first two books, parts of the royalties go to help Soldiers On Australia and The Warriors Return which is fantastic. Two non-profit org supporting veterans with physical and mental disabilities. This fund-raising was in the author's note as well as mentioned in their Facebook fanpage.

Will highly recommend this author to everyone I know
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
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