The Violinist and the Ballerina

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The instant their eyes met Cathy’s well-constructed world almost fell apart. She recognised him instantly, though she doubted he did. How long had it been? Eight years? Involuntarily, her blue eyes moistened; they glistened as they caught the reflection of neon lights making them appear like sapphires on fire.

Given the circumstances of their past, is there a chance for love to blossom? More

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About Angelin Sydney


As a writer, Angelin Sydney interweaves romantic stories with thrilling plots that twist and turn in many ways.

Since moving to Australia twenty-five years ago, she has had numerous incarnations. She was a banker, an insurance seller, housing loan broker, and home-stay mother to literally hundreds of international students. Over the years, she has also become a small business owner, casual kitchen hand and currently, a live-in nanny. So, one can say, she has been around.

Her most consistent role, however, is being a mother to her four wonderful children, one of whom has gone ahead leaving her devastated and heartbroken. It was his untimely departure that motivated her to write stories to help others heal, laugh, hope and dare to dream.

She is a believer in the kindness of people, so by extension, this has been the usual theme of her stories. She believes in redemption, love, and purpose. Every story she writes reflect these values.

For her, writing is as essential as breathing. The only reason she’d stop doing it is if she were incapacitated or dead. Working for a living gets in the way of her writing which she finds very sad. In the ideal world, all she’d be doing is entertaining her readers. This is her utmost wish.

As a novelist, her style is to keep conversations realistic. So funnily enough, although she doesn't swear, her characters do; perhaps this is her unconscious release.

The questions most readers ask her of her writing style: What makes you distinct from other writers?

There are two things: One, she likes to infuse her stories with what she calls the "everyday moment" because it adds flavour to the narrative. It gives it authenticity. For instance, if someone was depress she'd have the character watch a lot of infomercials on television. From her observation, this is a reality of life, when we are struggling, we do mindless activities like sleep or watch the paint dry.

Two, she likes the interplay of light and dark. "That's life, isn't it?" She said, adding that, "even in our period of mourning, there is laughter. And when we are happy, sadness still creeps into our lives. As a result of this, my stories tend to be a roller-coaster ride. A lot of ups and downs."


They are stunningly original, funny, swoon-worthy and thrilling to the core.

She’s the self-styled queen of romantic comedy and the romance/action/thriller genre.

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Review by: Sohini De on Nov. 26, 2017 :
The Violinist and the Ballerina is a simple yet heartwarming story of two different individuals whose path coincides, bringing them together. Amidst the blooming love story between Jonah and Cathy, the story highlights certain sensitive issues with subtlety.
This book takes a dig at how parents often push children to pursue business or science overlooking the real creative interests of the kids. Success is measured by the numeric values of the grades, and a monotonic pressure to secure high scores coupled with a competition with peers become the primary reasons for stress. Another delicate issue that the book brings forth is the persistence of male chauvinism amongst orthodox families. Many families, till date, look down upon their female kids. But as a reader, it is commendable how Angelin Sydney has loosely threaded around these subjects with care and reflected the consequences of these actions on the children's mind.
Pick up the book on a chilled winter morning over coffee, and learn more about Jonah and Cathy, and their lives. For me, it was a perfect quick read, with a feel-good effect.
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Review by: Taylor on Nov. 24, 2017 :
“‘What did this proposal cost you?,’ knowing that it must have been a lot. ‘Everything and nothing.’”The Violinist and the Ballerina was a touching story to read! In this story, fate brings together two individuals who knew each other at earlier points in their lives and offers a chance for reconciliation of past wrongdoings. This author tells a story with terrific detail, relatable characters, and a plot that flows perfectly from beginning to end. I loved the gorgeous descriptions of dance and music incorporated in this story- it was so beautifully described and really brought the art to life. This story was entertaining, pleasantly surprising, and a quick, yet emotional read. I’ll definitely be recommending to family and friends.
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Review by: masondaxton on Nov. 18, 2017 :
I think the author is right when she states less is more. This was an extremely beautiful romantic story and it wasn’t as long as the other novels I’ve read before but it was just as good. It starts off with something that Jonah did years ago to Cathy and he apologizes later. It’s still traumatic to Cathy and it is hard for her to want to talk to him because to be honest, who would? But she finds it in herself to forgive him because it is clearly shown how terrible he feels for what he did and love comes into play and makes the story even more beautiful. The story is about forgiveness, remorse, friendship, and of course, love. It is amazing in every aspect and with the special added touch of having music and dance included just makes it so much better.
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Review by: amanda williams on Nov. 12, 2017 :
This is a nice, short and sweet story. Short but as with each and every book that this author puts out her obvious passion shows through.

I love the fact that she does stories to make you feel better about life in general after reading it. Her books are highly universal that a wide range of people will love reading her books over and over again.
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