Zandeji Chronicles: Redemption

Rated 4.33/5 based on 6 reviews
A crumbling empire...
A devastating war...
A disturbing vision...
A final choice to save or destroy...
Siasha Mastik has no hope of having a normal life...

Join Siasha Mastik and Ace Nova for the thrilling conclusion of the Zandeji Chronicles saga! More

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Tags: faith based
About Christopher T. Mooney

Christopher T. Mooney, an American Author, started writing science fiction with an unfinished short story in the fifth grade. While that story is long forgotten, now, with an eclectic style reminiscent of the golden age of science fiction, Christopher creates stories where the characters depend on the Creator and one another to maintain their faith, integrity and dignity in worlds that mirror our own in depravity.

Inspired by authors such as E.E. "Doc" Smith, Edgar Rice Burroughs and C.S. Lewis and a strong founded faith in The Way, he brings you something fresh with a hint of the original fun of the sci-fi genre. While it may be a niche market, Christopher hopes to be a leader in producing quality science fiction for everyone to enjoy that may just also show The Way.

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About the Series: Zandeji Chronicles
This series is the most recent chronicles of the Zandeji, a long forgotten elite military force. An epic space opera, set in a universe where religion is outlawed, depicts the mortal battle between ultimate good and ultimate evil. A saga where only faith, hope and love can conquer all.

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MegKing reviewed on on Jan. 22, 2018

"Redemption” concludes the adventuresome, fantastical voyage of the characters we’ve grown attached to in the first 2 books f the “Zandeji Chronicles” by Christopher T. Mooney (You should definitely read the first 2 first) and it is very easy to sink into these books and just stay lost there! But all good things must come to an end, and “Redemption” delivered just the ending to this epic saga that I was hoping for… for the MOST part. Bittersweet, yet part of life and even death is beautiful and filled with God’s love and the promise of afterlife with Him and our loved ones. The first half of the book was pretty much nonstop action, and Siasha really shines the whole way. And while the first half or so of the book felt more monotonous plot wise, it all changes and comes together to an explosive climax that had me holding my breath. Even though the scenes are pretty fantastical, there is a level of believability and humanity and spirituality there that makes reading these books an emotionally magical, rewarding experience. I’m happy to have found them and will be recommending them to some friends. This book (and series) is a worthy addition to the religious sci fi/fantasy field, and definitely deserves to be read
(reviewed the day of purchase)
TabithaParks reviewed on on Jan. 21, 2018

even though this book and series is ultimately about good versus evil, which is a topic that seems to have been covered from almost every conceivable angle, especially in spiritual fiction, I was very impressed how this book, and the “Zandeji Chronicles” as a whole never becomes predictable or feels cliché, and there are some nice plot twists I didn’t see coming, especially at the end. Even though this is the third book I’ve read now from Christopher T. Mooney, while the same delicious flavor is there as it was in the first two, the dish tastes a little different here in “Redemption” as all the events of prior have been leading to this ultimate fight… and not everyone will survive the outcome. Even though there were conflicts before, this time the stakes are much higher. Not everyone will survive, and there are lots of ‘changes’ along the way. Solid writing and descriptive details bring the scenes and characters to life, and once again I marveled at how Mooney manages to fit so many complex ideas and extraordinary situations into a cohesive storyline that centers on faith, God’s love, and the power of good to defeat evil all with characters we love (or love to hate). Very spiritual in an organic, inspiring way that enhances the plot, and doesn’t overshadow it. Even though the story and everyone’s personal ‘journey’ wraps up well… I was sad when I finished, only because I enjoyed reading these books the past few weeks. And now I am done. But it was a great experience that took me out of my normal reading habits and opened my eyes to some amazing new worlds, ideas, and characters. Siasha has some of the best character development I’ve seen in a book/series in some time, and the metaphors with real religious issues and figures fit in so nicely here. An exciting, enlightening and satisfying escape that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a great sci fi/adventure novel with an intelligent, spiritual twist.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
LaylaM1 reviewed on on Jan. 18, 2018

good book… Great series. I like that this book “Redemption” is set up with a new storyline that continues from an existing one and still brings back some characters from the original books, even if the focus is on a newer one. (did that make sense? lol) Siasha really comes into her own in this one and even Ace has some tricks up his sleeve. There are a LOT of battles and we see just what a grip evil has on the galaxy as they fight to free their people from its grasp. All these characters were great and are just so much fun to follow, I’m going to miss them now that it’s over. Like in the other books I thought Mooney’s writing was solid, but again the formatting and editing is a little distracting and could use some polish. But the pacing is better in this one I thought. Great action towards the end, but the beginning felt almost liked it dragged on too long. But everything came together wonderfully and I loved the ending… I think that Christopher T. Mooney put a lot of heart and time and passion into these books and it shows. Great job.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
NicolaFlood reviewed on on Jan. 18, 2018

I really love how simply and effortlessly Christopher T. Mooney can tell this addicting, multi-layered story with well-developed and believable world building that has spanned over three books now and still manage to make the storyline feel fresh and keep my interest! A less talented author would probably over-write or over-dramatize to the point of being totally unbelievable, especially with some of the more ‘surreal’ or ‘supernatural’ elements that are here in the series. Fitting for a religious sci-fi, but still have that sort of ‘unearthly, fantasy’ feel. But even with the fantastical storyline we are all in every step of the way as the world building always follows its rules which is so important in books like this. Really love his whole take having them save the people from the demon oppression and release the empress letting the power of God and good save them. Was great to see Siasha become so powerful as well (she becomes a ranking commander and more) and liked the relationship with her and Racik even though was serious drama and not some ‘happy ever after’, felt more real. However, I didn’t really like how this one was constructed story-wise with SO much fighting and battling for so much of it… just grew exhausting and would have liked to see more plot balance and forward progression. But the last 20% or so is super intense and I gasped more than once – lots of highs and lows, and definitely bittersweet.. sad, but in a good way. Overall this series did turn out to be a memorable and impactful experience with some interesting characters and concepts that many will relate to and appreciate and I for one am really happy to have been a part of. Recommend.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Jhonni Parker reviewed on on Jan. 17, 2018

4.5 stars
I've given the first 2 books in this series 4-5 stars, so I already had the bar set pretty high in my mind for this one, but I find that I frequently there can be a whole lot of ‘buildup’ and no real ‘payoff’ in these sorts of situations. However, I am so happy that I wasn’t at all disappointed with “Redemption”! And if anything, I think it surpassed my hopes! The military fighting scenes were detailed and action packed, but for me it was the sentimental moments the relations with Siasha and her father (and being a mother), and Ace, and Racik, and the others as they ‘transformed” (no spoilers) and found the way with Razion .I think I even liked this one a bit more because I was already familiar with the storyline, and had grown fond of the characters (well, most of them at least). Like the other ones, I enjoyed the real world/fantasy/spiritual mix, but was also impressed with the mythos behind the demon element and its influence on people (like the empress) and like that it has an almost ‘philosophical’ element and emotional depth that sets it apart from lots of other books out there, and I like that our heroine is smart and actually has goals to accomplish… and reach. Siasha is strong and her identity isn’t based on some guy, but who SHE is and her path to her ultimate goal and role (no spoilers). Very cool. I loved how I was able to totally lose myself in this unique and imaginative world that is so much fun, even when being dark and dangerous. Recommend for fans of New Adult/ Young Adult sci/fi and religious fiction.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Claire Middleton reviewed on on Jan. 17, 2018

Christopher T. Mooney is most definitely one of those authors I’ve had the absolute privilege of discovering. I do read a lot of books by lesser known authors (I like to give them a chance and maybe discover new talent). But inevitably I’m left disappointed more often than not. But even if Mr. Mooney’s novels aren’t perfect, they deliver an entertaining and imaginative ride with complex ideas based on Faith and the Power of God’s love and you become emotionally invested whether you want to or not. This one was just as fun and action packed with a positive message of strength, and love for God as the first two books in the series, and while it has most of the same characters and themes as the first two, in this one Mooney brings Siasha and Ace’s story fill circle, with great character development and both of them fulfilling their greater purpose (even if bittersweet at the end… (*sniff). I enjoyed watching Siasha grow through these books and fulfill her destiny, but it certainly wasn’t without some dangerous and stressful challenges. These books need to be read in order to fully understand the whole space and religious lore Mooney uses, so definitely start with book 1 “Liberation”, then “Revolution” then finish with this one, “Redemption”. While I give this book (or section of the story) 3 stars, overall this was such an inspiring and creative and well written trilogy, I am scoring it higher. Hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Christopher Mooney! Recommend for ages 16+ - religious/spiritual/science fiction
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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