Girlee First Adventure

Girlee has an adventure that ends with a happy surprise.

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About Alicia Villarreal

Alicia Villarreal is a Multimedia Artist,
animator, musician, and author. She
writes and illustrates colorful books
about teens, adults, and children.
The fiction stories include her cartoon
animation characters in most of her
stories. Alicia’s music, art, video
animations, and stories depicts her
American and Mexican cultural

Currently, Alicia creates stories,
cartoon animation videos, art, and
plans to release more music albums.
She resides in a small waterfront
town near Seattle, Washington.

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Latina Indie Rock and Celestial
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Watch on YouTube Alicia Villarreal
American-Mexican Multimedia Artist,
her music, books, animation, and art

In 1976, Alicia obtained a teacher credential from the University of California
Riverside. She later exhibited her art at the UCR art gallery in 1997, Semana
De La Mujer, as an alumnus. And in 1975, Alicia received a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Social Science and Art minor from San Jose State University, San
Jose, California. Alicia Villarreal was featured in an article about her art and
music by El Hispanic Newspaper, Portland, Oregon, in 2002. Her CD music was
played on Spanish radio station KKUP 9.5 fm included a live telephone interview
by DJ Miguel Agosto, Cupertino, California. In 1999, music performance by Alicia
at Coffee and More, filmed by KMTV television channel-15, Sunnyvale, California.
In 1988, her CD music was played on college radio station KUCI 88.5 fm by DJ
Gary Down, University of California Irvine, Irvine, California. In 1995, Alicia
exhibited her art on television ACTV channel-16, Barbie’s Award Winning Talk
Show, with telephone call-in viewers, Austin, Texas. And in 1983, Alicia was
featured in an article about herart by the National Network of Hispanic Woman-
Latinas In the Fine Arts Intercombios Femeniles, Stanford University, Stanford,

Now a retired Teacher, Alicia taught students in K-3 grades, for the public schools
in Oregon, Washington, Southern and Northern California where she grew up.
She taught in bilingual classrooms, children learned general education also how to
read, write,and speak both English and Spanish. Some of her students came from
poor migrant farmworker backgrounds (she also taught English as a Second Lan-
guage to Hispanic adults using her Ryan Multiple Teacher Credential).

In the late 1950s, Alicia worked out in the fields with her parents and siblings during
summer school vacations in Southern (picking oranges,onions, and grapes, think of
The Grapes of Wrath movie about the lives of farmworkers) and Northern (picked
tomatoes, green bell peppers, and garlic in Gilroy as a high school student, and in
1968 picked strawberries in Salinas, see John Steinbeck’s book and movie its farm-
workers in East of Eden) California. Alicia helped her family earn money during
these summer school vacations for food, rent, school clothes, and some toys, most
bought at second-hand stores sometimes on the drive back home from Southern or
Northern California (after harvesting fruit or vegetables crops and living in farm labor
camp shacks involved moving and travel hence the term migrant farmworkers) for
those school years. You can look for books written by former migrant farmworker
female authors, with a Mexican cultural background, about their lives as fruit and
vegetables seasonal field pickers in the USA.


Animation Cartoon Characters by Animator Alicia Villarreal
The video by Alicia Villarreal Multimedia Artist, animator, musician, and author, shows animated characters from her ebooks and books.


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