An Examined Life

A tale of extraordinary courage shown by a remarkable man, who dared to stand up for the weak, challenging the ethos of an oppressive and bigoted society, in the process forsaking everything he had worked so hard to achieve and what most people would hold dear above everything else. Most, but not him.

Conformity is never real security, just an illusion. Breaking away is seldom easy. Try we must. More
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About Raul Aurora

Raul was born a rebel. Rebellion without a cause. Entering into a career at sea with the navy during his late teens followed by the merchant marines, he discovered most of the world through the dreamy eyes of a boy, gradually gaining wisdom and poise. A natural storyteller, he combines the knack with his broad experiences to satisfy the deep yearning for peace and tranquility felt since a child. Things never clicked until he began to write.

Life is a story. Better make it a good one with profound purpose.

Raul's works intend not only on thrilling but also enlightening his audience upon various issues that plague the mind. Societies have more questions than answers, and he tries to address them through fiction. To be precise, he helps readers arrive at solutions, perhaps even questioning the questions.

His first novel, An Examined Life, helps understand the very basic emotions we often feel stuck up with and that prevent us from leading a more fulfilling life. His next book (out in 2018) will follow similar but more advanced themes.

Whatever they are, in the end, Raul believes that if the stories are fascinating and make a positive impact on his fans' and readers' waking lives, his job is complete, his mission accomplished.

Other interests include motorcycles, pets, machinery and tools, literature, and home mods.

Please visit his website Mind Investigative where he discusses life from a deeper perspective.

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