Trudy Can Talk

Trudy was a tall and skinny dog called a Saluki. She was just an ordinary dog until something extraordinary happened to her and then she was no ordinary dog at all. Find out what changed Trudy and how you too can become extraordinary.

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About TS Koelling

Tammy Koelling is the CEO of Words Matter Publishing, an Investigative Journalist, a member of the Society of Professional Journalist and too many writing groups to mention. Tammy started WMP to help new authors get published. She takes a special interest in every WMP author and speaks to them personally on a regular basis. Tammy is always searching for the next author that shows talent along with dedication to the craft of writing.

Tammy has a Master's Degree in Eschatology, a Bachelor in Education, A Bachelor in Theology, Paralegal certification, Master Dog Trainer, and Master Groomer certification.

Tammy has ghostwritten countless books and is the author of Tucker Wilson, The Even When Series, and The Heart of a Champion Series. Tammy trains Service Dogs for the disabled and is the Director of Public Relations for; she resides in Illinois where she is currently caring for her 94-year-old mother and her best friend, Sir Victor, a K-9 Knight.

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