How to Buy, Sell & Trade Bitcoin

Step-by-Step guide for Buying, Selling & Trading Bitcoin, and many other Cryptocurrencies.

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About S.R. McKenzie

So who am I? I like to be vague in my stories, and about myself. Honestly telling people who I am is painful, I’d rather eat paint chips.

All I will say about myself, is that I am from the frozen prairies of Canada. I now live between the Canadian Napa Valley (heaven on earth) and lower mainland (metropolitan traffic hell).

I'm 37 and I have 5 children, aged 21, 11, 9, 5 & 3, and I love every second of it.
I own 4 small businesses, yes 4, all completely different, and I love them all like my babies. I also volunteer overnight at a homeless shelter at least once a week.

So you are probably wondering when I have time to write? I write when most normal people are doing that thing called sleep, I will get around to that someday.

Most people write because they have a good idea, or good story to tell.... I have neither, or maybe both, you decide. I write because I am absolutely obsessed with it, and with staying sane.
My life is like Robert Frost poem, “the road not taken”, except I took neither path. I made my own path right through the forest, and I have the scars to prove it.

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