Bridge to Alta Vista

Billie, growing up in prison and fighting for his very life, is angry when his lovely Suneda is threatened by a local drug lord, he plans a daring escape. The two make their way through the perilous Costa Rican rain forest with both the law and El Sanguinio on their heels they find out they are more conne More

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The Bridge to Alta Vista is Gerald Thompson first novel and will soon to be made into a feature film. Born and raised in Michigan, Gerald attended Western Michigan University where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing and Business Communications. He moved his family to Houston Texas in the 1990’s where he built a successful business. An entrepreneur turned novelist at 58 years old, Gerald has traveled extensively throughout Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. In 2008 he bought a villa in the rain forest area of Dominical Costa Rica where he traveled throughout the country for many years getting to know and understand the beauty, culture and the Tico people of Costa Rica. The inspiration for the purely fictional work-The Bridge to Alta Vista came to light one day on a flight back to Houston over the expansive Talamanga mountain range where way way down below sat a remote village of the Boruca Indian people. These people live a life of self-subsistence, completely off the grid with a tribal-like reliance on one another for basic needs and survival. This village still exists today. How could that be? Who are these people? Why do they live this way today? Why do they stay, or do they choose to leave?
The Bridge to Alta Vista is Gerald Thompson first novel and has been adapted and optioned to Winding Roads, LLC to be considered for a feature film. Look for its release in 2019-2020.
Other books in the works by Gerald Thompson include:
The Silent Stalker and The Three Mushrooms, a psychological mystery thriller
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