Poser Kids Book 1: Makes Sense to Me

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Whether you know it or not, yoga is a part of your life. From getting up in the morning, to going to bed at night, you’re doing yoga poses all day every day. Join Mister Mateo on YouTube and in our PoserKids book series to learn to move mindfully through the poses of your day. ALL kids can be PoserKids! More

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About Mateo Marquez

Mateo is an author, speaker, teacher, entrepreneur and daddy. As an author, the major focus of Mateo's unique autobiographical narratives is offering tongue-in-cheek insight and guidance for navigating through the digital era while seeking fulfillment in life through transparency and acceptance, always having a lot of fun along the way: "Two parts wise guy and one part pure sage," as described by editor and longtime friend & mentor, Bruce Musgrave.

These tales are told through the lens of an eccentric & slightly neurotic, metrosexual divorced dad and the highly unique existence he leads. Mateo's writing illustrates how truth is indeed stranger than fiction, as well as far more interesting.

Mateo self-published The Phoenix of Hotel Freds in 2010, recruited a support team, and designed & executed a first of its kind, social media-driven grassroots promotional tour. He traveled through 10 states over 2 months with 5,000 paperback copies of the book, giving every single copy away for free by hand.

Mateo is also the CEO & Founder of PoserKids Yoga (www.poserkidsyoga.com). PoserKids Yoga is a youth mindfulness solution provider that offers language driven interactive play for preschool and elementary age children throughout the United States. The company is building the first unified national network of youth mindfulness educators ever created, a skill set Mateo refined helping start-up companies recruit and train sales organizations for over a decade.

Mateo lives in Fort Worth, TX with his daughter, Gracyn. He grew up in Albuquerque, NM where he graduated from the Albuquerque Academy prior to earning his degree from Texas Christian University.

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