Bestiality Mind Control 4: Yes, Rex, Those Are Your Puppies!

Adult Taboo Erotica
Rex gulped down a couple pills that had been hastily thrown away by the son when his mother had found them. Suddenly gifted with the power to control minds, he used it on Mary. He’d always been dominant over her, but now he could push her further than he’d ever dreamed possible. Watch as Rex mind-controls Mary to perform very sexual, lewd acts on him, breeding her to carry his pups. More

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New Stories:

12/16 -

*** Fucking My Two Dumb, Blonde Bimbo Sisters Part 1 & 2 -

Another day and my two dumb blonde, bimbo sisters were arguing again. This time about which of them had the bigger breasts. Jasmine thought that because she was older, she automatically had the bigger boobs. Barbie argued that her breasts only looked smaller because she was taller.

Mom had enough of their bullshit and convinced their dim brains that I would settle the argument once and for all.

Part 1 - Fucking my two bimbo sisters at the same time
Part 2 - Mom wants her turn…

*** Raped By The Pound Dogs -

"Help!" Dakota raced down the long corridor of the pound.

Six large dogs bounded after the fleeing 18-year-old woman, hunting her like she was a frightened doe.

If she could only get to the door, then she'd be safe.

The dogs were close behind her, she could tell by their claws clicking on the cold floor, getting closer and closer. Their hot breath brushed against her smooth legs.


*** Knocking Up My Knocked-Up Mother -

It was the strangest thing. Even the doctors were baffled. Mom went in for her 6 month checkup and according to all the tests they ran (and I was there - there were a million of them), she has a rare condition where she actually has two wombs.

In other words, she could get knocked up at the same time as she was carrying this one.

I was the lucky guy she chose - for science…

*** No, Daddy! Please Don't Rape Me In The Ass! -

I’d had it with my 18-year-old bratty daughter. Ever since the divorce, she’d been sassing me and treating me like I was beneath her. That’s when she started flaunting her deliciously hot, sexy body around the house. Often, she wore nothing but a flimsy pair of panties and a see-through shirt that hid absolutely nothing.

After drinking a few beers, I decided to do something about my daughter’s bratty behavior. I waited until she was all alone in the shower. And then I…joined her.

This is a sizzling hot short story about a drunk, horny father raping his slutty 18-year-old daughter in her ass and pussy. Here’s a wicked-hot preview:

12/15 -

*** Fucking The Boss's Mare -

It was a job I just couldn’t say neigh to! My boss was going out of town for the weekend and she wanted me to horse-sit her mare, Felicia. Said I could have the run of the house.

No one told me that Felicia was smarter than most women. Hold on to your hats for a wacky, wild ride with this hot man on mare sex fest.

Who’s riding whom?

*** Raped By My Own Dog! -

I don't know what happened. One moment, Butch was curled up at my feet while we watched TV and the next he was ravaging my body, ripping my clothes off and raping me.

I was too weak and helpless to stop him!

*** Daddy Turned Me Into A Hucow! -

Having stuck my nose where it didn’t belong, daddy forced me down into the secret, underground dungeon. He grabbed my arm, jabbed something into it and showed me why 18-year-old girls should not ask questions.

12/14 -

*** I Raped My Sedated Mother -

Mom looked so helpless and innocent laying there naked on her bed. After the accident, she’d been put on knock-out drugs, but she wasn’t fully out of it. She watched, glassy-eyed, as I pounded my cock deep in her motherly cunt and rammed her full of my potent, incestuous seed.

*** Knocking A Baby In My Twin Daughters' Virgin Wombs -

My twin 18-year-old daughters thought they could slip in after curfew and get away with it. But I knew their deception. The moment they thought they were safe, I showed them they weren’t.

As virgins, they needed a strong, dominant man to show them their place. Janice and Beth would soon learn what it was like to be taken and bred by a real man.

*** Forced To Carry My Son's Baby -

Now that Jack’s father was gone, it was time for my son to step up and be a man. I needed a forceful, dominant man to take me rough and rape my motherly cunt. Will Jack be that man?

Will he force me to carry his forbidden baby?

*** I Caught Sis With A Dog Cock In Her Mouth! -

What on earth was my 18-year-old sister doing with the family dog every evening after her shower? I didn’t know, but I intended to find out.

Sneaking into her room while she was showering, I set up my phone to record whatever it was.

Not only did I catch her in the act of making out with the family dog, but now I had blackmail material.

What could I get her to do?

12/13 -

*** Branding Mom & Sis Like Cattle -

Could I do it? Could I really brand and rape my sister and mother?

Mom and sis had run away and it was my job to track them down, tie them up, throw them in dog cages and bring them back to the farm where they would be branded and raped.

I was given carte blanche to do whatever I desired with them. They were my cattle now and would live only to please and obey me.

12/12 -

*** Breeding With the Beast 8-Pack Vol 4 -

Every one of these women get taken and bred by these vicious beasts. Some are consensual, some aren’t. But all get knocked up in the end.

If you like to read about women getting their hot cunts pounded by large beast cocks and inseminated by their potent seed, this bundle is EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

Stories Included:

- Collared & Leashed By My Own Dog
- Bred By The Minotaur
- I Turned Myself Into a Dog To Fuck My Daughter
- Granny Rides The Bull
- Pounded By The Apes
- You've Come To The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker!
- Taken At The Rodeo
- Seducing Daddy's Stallion

12/11 -

*** Mommy Dearest 8-Pack Vol 5 -

8 Hot Mother son taboo incest stories. These mothers obey their sons’ every command.

Stories Included:

* Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 2
* MG 1 - Gangbanged By My Two Horny Sons!
* FG 1 - Fucking Mom & Sis At The Same Time
* FG 2 - Filling Mom & Sis's Cunts With My Seed
* MMC 1 - I Couldn't Believe Mom Let Me Do That!
* FG 3 - Gangbanging My Aunt & Mom In The Hot Tub
* MMC 2: Payback's A Bitch, But So Was My Mom
* FSS 2: Accidentally Came In Mom's Fertile Womb

12/10 -

*** Beast Rape 5-Pack Vol 1 -

Beast Rape. These animals rape and terrorize their women, dominating them completely. Helpless to resist their captors, these women ultimately submit to the vicious animals who take full pleasure in slaking their carnal desires on their prey.

Stories Included:

- Held by Dad, Raped by Dog!
- Forced Dog Fucking 1: Raped By My German Shepherd
- Forced Dog Fucking 2: Knotted By The Strange Dog In The Park
- Raped By The Boss' Pitbull
- Cisco Wouldn't Take NO! For An Answer

12/9 -

*** Punish Raping My Three Daughters -

"No, daddy! This is wrong!" Brittany wrested herself from my grasp and raced to the door herself.

The whip got her in the back and she screamed, fell to the ground and began sobbing.

That's when I pulled out the handcuffs. I had two pair and quickly deployed them on Amy and Brittany. I searched around and found some leftover rope and tied up my youngest with it.

Don’t miss this shocking story!

12/8 -

*** Raping My Air-Headed Bimbo Sister -

Bambi thought she could flaunt our father’s gifts in my face. Yesterday, it was a new Corvette. Today it was a Lambo. But I knew something she didn’t. Our father didn’t love her. He loved that she was following in his footsteps.

Turning her into a dumb, blonde, big-breasted bimbo would show her that. Once she was at her lowest point, begging and crying for help, I would crush her spirit.

12/7 -

*** My Sister Swallowed A Bimbo Pill -

At first I didn’t recognize her. Here was this large-breasted woman with wide hips, full face and blonde hair. This wasn’t my sister, this was some sex-starved, hormonal, fertile Bimbo who somehow knew my name.

Through her tears and nakedness, she admitted that she’d snuck a pill from my old room.

That’s when it hit me! I’d ordered some Bimbo pills. I’d wondered where those had gone! Now I knew!

12/6 -

*** Raped Into Submission 10-Pack Vol 1 -

These daughters, mothers and sisters all get their swollen cunts raped by the dominant men in their lives. They fight, they struggle, they plead, beg and cry. But to no avail. These men do whatever it takes to subdue them and rape them into submission.

12/5 -

*** Raping my Pregnant Daughter -

Wayne had had enough. Knowing that his 18-year-old daughter had been knocked up by another man was just too much for him. Something inside him snapped and he had to have her in the worst way. He’d been teased by her nubile body more than any man could bear.

It was now time for him to take what she wasn’t willing to give:

Her delicious pregnant body.

12/4 -

*** Fucking My Drunk Mother in the Ass -

What the hell? I just got a bit tipsy with my friends. Sure, it was a great party, but I’m getting too old for this shit.

Why am I so sore? The headache I can understand, but my ass?

Oh my God! Did my son…?

12/3 -

*** Raping My Daughter as Her Mother Beat Me With a Shoe! -

As I raped my 18-year-old, virgin daughter, forcefully taking her innocence from her, her mother burst into the room, threatening and beating me with a shoe.

Shit became real when she took off her other shoe.

12/1 -

*** Raped by the Junkyard Dogs: Brutus's Bitch -

Having been caught stealing from their master’s territory, Brutus and Killer decide to take matters into their own paws. Pleading and begging to be let go, Robin is forced to endure what no woman should. Instead of ripping and tearing her throat out, the two junkyard dogs take great pleasure in ramming their -

Yeah, this is getting a bit hot, take a look inside for the rest of the SIZZLING blurb.

*** Tight Virgin Sisters Bred And Knocked Up By Their Brothers 4-Pack Vol 1 -

These virgin sisters get pounded hard and WITHOUT protection by their brothers. Every single one of them are fertile and in need of their brothers’ potent seed. Hand-picked and hand-crafted, these hot stories are exactly what you’ve been looking for!

- Breeding My Slutty Sister
- Controlling & Breeding My Bimbo Sister
- Dared To Fuck My Sister & Her Friends
- Raping My Hucow Mom & Sis More

11/29 -

*** Hormonal Pregnant Mothers Popped By Their Sons 1 -

I don't know what came over me. At 8-months pregnant, I was hot, horny and very hormonal. Hubby was gone for the weekend on a fishing trip and it was just me and Marc, my 18-year-old son.

From the moment I woke up Saturday morning to the time I took a shower that afternoon I was so fucking horny and wet I couldn't stand it. The whole house smelled like my pregnant lady perfume.

Marc was due back from soccer practice soon and I worried that he'd smell my horny, pregnancy scent. But God damn it, I couldn't help it. No matter how many times I tried to take care of it, the hormones kicked in and brought it roaring back to life.

11/28 -

*** Subduing Mom With A Shock Collar -

Mom’s eyes widened in fear when she knew she had been caught like an animal in a trap. One false movement and a powerful shock would race through her body, paralyzing her until she submitted.

How many times would it take until mom’s fiery will had been completely obliterated?

I was going to find out.

11/27 -

*** Mating With Mom 4-Pack Vol 9 -

11/26 -

*** Raped by the Akita -

** Warning! The story that follows is extremely graphic, consisting of a very large, muscular dog mind-controlling and raping a helpless 18-year-old woman. If you’re offended by women drinking dog cum, dogs raping women and all manner of depraved, bestial lust, then by all means look elsewhere. But if you like your women hot, your dogs dominant and your sex filthy, this is the story for you!

11/25 -

*** Raped By The Rooster -

Stepping on to a new planet, Ava didn’t realize that she was stepping into an ancient beast’s lair. That the beast looked suspiciously like a rooster from her home world did not escape her.

But something about the magnificent, multi-colored beast called her. It was a siren she could not resist.

Once the animal had her locked within his sight, she lost all control. She was his to do as he commanded.

*** Daddy Tied Me up in Front of Cisco -

I don’t know why daddy was doing this! I was 18. I could fool around with a guy if I wanted. I didn’t deserve to get raped and punished by a thousand pound horny, dominant stallion.

Did I?

Oh God, he’s so BIG! How will he ever fit! Daddy! Make him stop!

11/23 -

*** Big Dogs Have Bigger Cocks 15-Pack Vol 5 -

15 extremely hot, woman on dog (and a few man on female dog) sex stories. Every one of these women get taken and knotted by big dogs with VERY big red rockets…

Buy now and save!

11/22 -

*** Clueless Mothers 1: Mom Hoovered The House While Sis Hoovered My Cock -

Wanting to dial the heat up a notch, Suze & I decided that we were going to fuck while mom was home. We waited until she was vacuuming to start.

Holy fuck! The antics we got up to while mom was “busy” was truly astounding.

She just couldn’t fucking leave me alone. Every excuse to pester me while I was banging sis under her nose was used.

When she turned up the heat, though, things got…hairy.

*** Nubile Daughters Bred & Subdued By Daddy 12-Pack Vol 1 -

Stories Included:

* Hypnotizing My Daughter to be My Sex Slave
* Mommy Held Me Down While Daddy Raped Me
* My Belly Grew At Daddy's Command
* Daddy's Slumber Party Sluts
* DG 5: Punishing My Disobedient Daughter
* Raped and Swollen with my Father's Seed
* Daddy Hypnotized Me!
* Dominated By Daddy
* Daddy's Sleepwalking Slut
* Young, Dumb & Full of Daddy's Cum
* Daddy, Why Am I Pregnant?
* Grounded! On Daddy's Cock!

11/20 -

*** Raped By The Angry Swan -

A large, angry, black swan jumped out of the thickets, scaring Jane and her boyfriend. They were fornicating in his waters! He could not have that! He was the dominant alpha of these waters. This human would come to know her place.

Whether she liked it or not.

*** ON SALE NOW!!! Mega Beast Blowout 150-Pack -

This is my biggest bestiality bundle yet! 150 hot, savage stories of women getting it on with dogs, stallions, dolphins, raptors, bigfoot, dragons and even unicorns! There’s something for everyone in this wicked-hot bundle.

Every single beast story up to now is included! Over a quarter of a million words!

11/18 -

*** Raped Into Submission By The Neighbor's Stallion -

When the mighty stallion ripped off her clothes and knocked her to the ground, Robin realized that he wasn’t just playing.

She just wanted to feed him.

He wanted to rape her into submission.

Who will win in this dominance battle? The 130 pound 18-year-old or the 1,000 pound stallion?

Read on to find out!

*** Grandpa Held Mom Down While I Raped Her -

Busting in on grandpa banging the daylights out of mom, I realized I had stumbled into a dark, family secret.

Grandpa passed the family heirloom to me. Mom was mine, now. To do as I pleased. He showed me how to take mom by force and turn her into my cum slave. Unwilling and struggling, grandpa tied her up on the bed and instructed me to take my pound of flesh from her submissive, helpless body.

*** Dominated By Stallions 10-Pack Vol 2 -

10 Super Hot Horse Fucking stories featuring stallions with massive cocks, plowing fair maidens into submission. You don’t want to miss this!

Stories Included:

* Wrecked By The Stallion's Massive Cock
* Caught Fucking Daddy's Horse
* Dared To Fuck The Cowboy's Horse
* Fucked By The Horny Unicorn
* Studded By The Wild Mustang
* I Turned Myself Into A Stallion To Fuck My Daughter
* Daddy, I Fucked A Horse & Now I'm Pregnant!
* Taking My Stallion Deep In My Tight, Hot Cunt
* Mind-Controlled & Broken By The Stallion
* Mommy & I Took Turns Fucking Cisco

*** Knotted & Tied Deep Inside Vol 13 -

These are the absolute hottest, filthiest dog sex bestiality stories you’ll find! Massive, throbbing red rockets being tied into helpless, innocent women, knotting them until they finish dominating and impregnating their bitches.

THIS is what you’ve been looking for!

Stories Included:

* BMC 2: Hypnotized By My Boss's Dog
* BG 5: Roughed Up By The K-9 Cop
* Dominated By The Doberman
* BMC 3: Hypnotized By The Pastor To Fuck His Dog

*** Thrilling Rape Erotica 3-Pack Vol 2 -

All these helpless women get what’s coming to them. They don’t want it. They’ll do anything to escape. But there is no escape.

Not now.

Not ever.

- Raping My Helpless Daughter!
- Raping My Lazy, Bitchy Mom
- Raping My Hucow Mom & Sis

11/17 -

*** Big Breasted, Horny, Amateur Mothers Pounded By Their Sons 12-Pack Vol 1 -

These 12 Hand-Picked, mother son stories have it all! Mind control/hypnosis, sleepwalking, harsh discipline, threesomes, forced breeding, domination and even blackmail! Every one of these mothers gets taken bareback, creampied and knocked up with their sons’ dominant seed.

These horny housewives have it coming and no one scratches their motherly itch like their virile, dominant sons.

11/16 -

*** Stuffing My 3 Sister's Cunts With My Dominant Seed -

Witches? In my house? Not on my watch!

I had busted in on my 3 big-breasted sisters casting spells and performing weird rituals in our basement. This couldn’t stand!

Mom had forbidden us to ever enter that room.

But Becky, Trish and Joan had other ideas. They were so frantic that I keep their secret that they allowed themselves to be blackmailed.

My three hot sisters would do ANYTHING!

*** Mommy Dearest 8-Pack Vol 4 -

8 Hot Mother son taboo incest stories. These mothers obey their sons’ every command.

Stories Included:

* Breeding My Aunt & Mom- Part 2
* I Dare You To Slap Me Again, Mom!
* Knocking Up My Mother's Sister Part 1
* Knocking Up My Mother & Her Sister Part 2
* Invisible Part 1
* Mommy's Milky Wake Up Call (Amber's Quickies)
* Gangbanging Sleeping Mom
* Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 1

*** Bred By Daddy 10-Pack Vol 3 -

These 10 sizzling stories tell the tale of precocious, innocent daughters getting their holes filled with their daddies dominant cocks. Every one of these hand-crafted, hand-picked stories feature all manner of filthy, perverted acts. Acts that would make nearly anyone blush.

There’s something in this pack for everyone!

Look inside for a HOT preview!

Stories Included:

* Hypnotizing My Daughter to be My Sex Slave
* Pounding My Daughter's Pussy
* Cucked by my Cock
* Taking What I Wanted From Daddy
* Daddy Can't Take it!
* PS 1: Fuck Me Raw, Daddy! I Want To Have Your Babies!
* Impregnated by My Daddy
* I Knocked up My Sleeping Daughter With Her Mother's Help
* Doctor Daddy Knocked Me Up On The Exam Table
* FS 3: My Spanked Daughter Submitted To My Dominance

11/15 -

*** Gangbanged By The Horny Farm Animals -

I just wanted to pet the horsies! I didn't know they were all going to gangbang me and force me to carry their babies!

*** Raped In The Pound -

Jenny knew when the burly security guard at the pound told her to leave immediately, she should’ve listened. But her boyfriend insisted on adopting a dog. What happened next changed her life forever. Not only did Brutis, the largest Mastiff any of them had ever seen, get loose from his cage, but she was left alone with the beast to fend for herself.

About the Series: Mind Control & Hypnosis Erotica
These are all my mind control/hypnosis stories.

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