Strange Kind of Woman

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When the Abracadabrical Amazon falls victim to a cold, her servant Ziggurat must take up the mantle and—find her a doctor. At the same time, Ho-Li-Kau, the Malevolent Mandarin of Montrose, plots to take over Houston's city council. Can Ziggurat, with the help of another mystic, the daughter of Dr Weird, prevent this from happening? Or will he die frying?
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About James Hold

"First you're an unknown, then you write one book and you move up to obscurity." — Martin Meyers

I published my first book in 2004. It became an immediate collector's item. I know this for a fact as I have several hundred copies collecting dust in my attic. Critics everywhere said it belonged right up there between Ernest Hemingway and Robert E Howard—on an alphabetical bookshelf.

My influences include Rocky & Bullwinkle, 1950s sci-fi movies, and silver-age comics.

I live in Texas with my Princess wife, and cats Rocky and Dusty. You can contact me at

About the Series: Secrets of Akkadia
Akkadia, super-hot cutie and master of mystical arts, battles evil in all its many forms

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Review by: Bobb B on June 15, 2018 :
Running out of complements, but Mr. Hold's books are like potato chips, you cannot just read one.
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Review by: israel Grace on Jan. 1, 2018 :
Wow. I think Mr. Hold is really good in what he does. One of the best on smashwords.
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Review by: Lee mulubwa on Dec. 29, 2017 :
Adore it. Very funny series.
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Review by: Wagner's Valkyrie on Dec. 3, 2017 :
This was sooooo funny. Thank you Diego for suggesting it. I have to read them from the start.
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Review by: Diego Forby on Dec. 2, 2017 :
i liked this very much. i didn't catch the deep purple reference until i read michelle b's review. then i reread the story. i liked how wendy weird is so aggressive compared to the more pacific ziggurat and i liked how akkadia sneezing altered her furniture. this would make a funny cartoon.
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Review by: Amy Long on Nov. 28, 2017 :
A fun and enjoyable story.
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Review by: Michelle B on Nov. 26, 2017 :
I absolutely love this series. Akkadia and Ziggurat are simply priceless.

The title comes from two things. First there's the song by Deep Purple. It's suggested by one of the henchmen being named Ritchie, the action takes place in Blackmore Forest, and the villain wears a deep purple robe. The other is a reference to the comic book character Dr Strange. The author has in other stories made reference to Dr Wendell Weird although he has never appeared on-screen. Here we get a Zatanna inspired character named Wendy Weird who is his daughter. She so closely resembles Zatanna that, in the author's words, "The only thing keeping her from being a copyright infringement was a missing top hat." But that's getting ahead of ourselves.

Akkadia has caught a cold and is bed ridden. Her cold is so bad that every time she sneezes a piece of furniture morphs into something else. She dispatches her servant Ziggurat to fetch a doctor. Zig goes to Dr Weird's apothecary but he is not in. Wendy Weird offers to go in his place. Along the way they are captured by three henchmen working for Ho-Li-Kau, yet another disciple of Moo Fanchu. Ho-Li-Kau uses Zig to bait a trap for Akkadia. The magical maid does come through but still manages to land in trouble. As for the blurb asking will Ziggurat "die frying" I'll let you find that out on your own.

Once again Mr Hold works a clever variation of his bovine villain theme. There's the usual funny word play and he even works in a dig at himself when Wendy wails, "By the Dreadful Dialog of Dloh!" Hint: spell it backward. There's only one WOWZA! scene this time, but it's a doozy.

Check it out. It's a fun, brief, and entertaining read and you're sure to get a laugh from it.
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Review by: lafuente03 on Nov. 26, 2017 :
Ganahan ko sa Akkadia. Siya akong bayani.
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Review by: Andre' Mwansa on Nov. 25, 2017 :
I liked the last line ""May I suggest Milady take a taxi? Your materializations have landed you in enuf trouble without showing up... shall we say 'unprepared'? After all, Justice may be blind, but judges are not." WOWZA.

I will not spoil the fun by quoting my favourite lines in this book. Better read it yourselves. .........
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