Amuck: Tales From a Hobby Farm

One stubborn, lecherous llama, three alpacas, two miniature horses with outsize personalities, and a passle of chickens—what could possibly go wrong? Add to the mixture wildlife like raccoons, wild turkeys, a bald eagle, a bobcat, and sprinkle in various rabid critters. Season liberally with several packs of very hungry coyotes and you have the perfect recipe for hobby farm mayhem. More

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About Sue Stein

Sue Stein grew up on a rural acreage in Minnesota, returning there to live after inheriting the property. She was excited to become a hobby farmer. Now she knows better.

Living on a hobby farm—the idea seems idyllic, doesn’t it? Yeah, you betcha’…not when you have to slog out to feed the livestock in twenty-below-zero weather, with a raging blizzard and 30 mile-an-hour winds. When you live in the frozen tundra otherwise known as Minnesota, that kind of thing tends to happen.

Or consider the delights of a Minnesota summer—when the temperature hovers above 90 degrees and the humidity is 10,000 percent. The animals still need to be tended to, and the copious quantities of manure disposed of. Yup. It’s all fun and games. At least until the manure piles up.

As a child, I dreamed of having a horse of my own. Now, as an adult, I do have horses—but I scaled down my aspirations, and substituted miniature horses. Much easier to handle, but still with a big horse-size personality in a tiny package. For some reason I’m still trying to figure out, I also added to the mix alpacas, a llama, a goat, and bantam chickens.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own hobby farm, living off the land, and communing with nature—the "Amuck" books will open your eyes to what it’s really like. You’ll laugh, you will probably cry a little, and you’ll scratch your head and wonder, “What in the heck was she thinking?!”
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About the Series: The Amuck Books
"Amuck: Tales from a Hobby Farm" relates the various (and hilarious) misadventures on the author's Minnesota hobby farm.

The second book in the series, "Beyond Amuck: More Hobby Farm Adventures" continues in the same vein.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder what the heck the author was thinking as you read about day-to-day life on the hobby farm.

Also in Series: The Amuck Books


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