World Eye - The Benagil Cliff

Nas muitas caminhadas em busca de ideias novas para as tramas dos livros que regularmente escrevo, procuro passar por lugares onde a História tenha sido de alguma forma relevante, não necessariamente zonas de confrontos, ou mesmo de assentamentos humanos, mas é indispensável que possamos perceber todas as coisas com um olhar crítico dos acontecimentos e de enquadramento geográfico. More

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About Edward Warrior, Sr

Edward Warrior - He is a writer, researcher and theorist of the mysteries that haunt humanity through the ages. Theories raised in the books point to facts that many may have thought, but few had the courage to put into words, challenging concepts and faiths in the search for answers.

In addition to this work, he published Deep Sea, which raises social, existential questions, myths and stories of the human race through the ages, Volúpia an adult content Book. Volúpia it is a book for adults that begins with the affective and sexual discovery in the adolescence, the improvement in youth while changing relationships and maturing over the years. And the ILIASH Series, The Berber (vol. 1) of Arminandar (vol. 2), and writes in the moment, The Prince (vol. 3) and Volubilis Cologne (vol. 4). Learn more about these releases: WWW.EDWARDWARRIOR.COM


Edward Warrior - Author
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