Shadow Scorpion Memoirs of an Assassin

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Shadow Scorpion by White Wolf Von Atzingen is an autobiography of a young man who was taken into the CIA and trained in the elite and shadowy methods of assassination. Through many years he survives severe mind control, programming, and experiences that can only be described as a living hell. Living through the unlivable, and triumphing, Wolf is able to begin the long, toilsome path of healing. More
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About White Wolf Von Atzingen

White Wolf has extensive experience in the ways of the wild. In part he trained in the wild during his youth under an old Native Metinuwak (“medicine man”) and warrior. Nevertheless, his name does not come from Native American background as many assume. Both sides of his family have detailed family trees documenting his strong genetic linage in Teutonic, Norskk, Dane, Germanic Saxon, Helvetian and Swede. Through his family tree his blood has been traced back to the White Wolf Clan of Iceland, who were Vikings who sailed to and settled the land. It is within those lineage traditions were his name originates.

White Wolf will be however the first person to tell that he is in no way a “Medicine Man” or “Shaman”. He always says that he is merely a guide. His native guide and Teacher taught him the old ways of living with the earth.

A warrior, an artisan, nature lover; diligence, integrity and honesty on a continual path of expression.

A large part of my life is led in the traditions of my ancient Scandinavian and Germanic ancestors. Even though the Viking Age only lasted about 250 years, the culture, beliefs and traditions from which it grew remain strong in my life today. A culture must evolve to live.
The culture of my ancestors does not live within the limitations today of the “weekend Viking” dressing up for faires. It lives in my daily actions of heart and mind; focus, intentions, beliefs, codes and virtues. To me pretending has no part in it. I live the beliefs, study the old ways, work the craft and have even incorporated old fighting styles into my lifelong martial art.
The old Scandinavia and Viking culture runs through my veins and I strive to keep it alive through my every breath. I am a Viking of the modern world doing my part to share the richness of its roots with the world today.

I deeply respect all animals and believe in energy and the "medicine" of each. I make sure to carefully source all my animal materials so as to obtain them from humane and lifestyle necessary sources only. While working the materials to craft my products I focus my respect to the animal from whence they came: placing that energy into each finished product and intending the medicine of the animals to continue traveling with the finished products wherever they go.

White Wolf has studied wilderness living, survival, ecology and Native American lore and lifestyles his whole life with many teachers. He grew up in the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania. This is where his training began in the martial arts. In school he wrestled for 5 years as well as participated for a time in swim-team and the racquetball team. He became a 10th degree black belt (Judan)and Kikeyjumhet/Elder (Grandmaster) in Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu. He also studied in Shao-lin kung fu, 18 hand lohan kung fu and Muai Thai, Hsing i Ch'uan, Tai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung. He has also studied and practiced Glima, the old challenge fighting style of his Viking ancestors. The 4 styles he studied are Lausatok, Hryggspenna, Brokartok, and Axlatok; Lausatok being his favorite.

His master, Elder Meechgalanne, told him he was required to study other arts along side Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu to understand other views, practices and enhance the true embodiment of a warrior within. When he was in his teens he fought in street fight rings. Though his passion has always been for his original style, Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu. However, for 16 years in action plus another 4 of specialized training, much of his training was combat directed and employed and took major precedence over specific martial style. White Wolf began his martial training in 1980 and he has been training and utilizing his skills ever since.

Today White Wolf guides wilderness explorations and excursions, mentors Vision Quests, teaches Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu and Combat Survival, writes articles and e-books as well as travels with his family and continues to work diligently on his healing processes. Living with diagnosed cptsd he uses the creation of his tribal crafts as part of his practical healing therapy processes. With his Helvetian, Norse and Dane genetics he also enjoys crafting traditional arts of his Viking and Celtic ancestors.

My name is White Wolf. If you wish to find more out about who I am, you can visit both my web-pages for more information-

“White Wolf is the most dedicated and meticulous person in doing anything he does. His eye to detail as well as the big picture in any areas of his expertise is unparalleled. His mindset is unlike anyone else’s — sharp, perceptive, yet caring. I highly recommend his abilities. He is trustworthy beyond measure and doesn't have a dishonest bone in his body. It is an honor to call him a friend and a business associate.”

Sami Vartiainen, Entertainment Professional

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Reviews of Shadow Scorpion Memoirs of an Assassin by White Wolf Von Atzingen

rh232323 reviewed on Dec. 11, 2020

The absolute best Martial Arts book & recent military MULKTRA mind control and training techniques state of the art I have ever encountered. Not for the faint. This is the real world, man up or don't read. Finally a true hero defeats the deep state assassins. Great praise, thanks and deep respect for White Wolf. Awesome book!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
chriss cloy reviewed on March 20, 2012
(no rating)
Honestly from my whole being, I do wish I had not purchased and read the book, since I have come to understand after reading it I am way too sensitive to read these things and actually became seriously ill from it, no blame put on anyone not even myself, I am thankful that I have come to understand myself better from it, and it did trigger things within me, I am healing now from it. I feel for you white wolf, and I do wish we all would live in a world free from such traumatic and absolutely horrified experiences and thoughts. I wish you all the best in life and lots of love and healing.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
Richard Albert Vick reviewed on Sep. 9, 2011

White Wolf is one of the people who are able to tell the entire truth these days. Shadow Scorpion is a book that can open parts of yourself.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
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