A Christmas Corral - An Illustrated Adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for All Ages

Ebaaaneezer Scrooge was a tight-fisted, unfeeling old sheep. After a warning from his old stall mate Jacob Marley's Goat, will a visit by the Ghosts of Chickens Past, Present, and Yet-To-Hatch convince him to change his ways?

Featuring more than 30 original full-color illustrations. Sample pages can be viewed here: http://bit.do/ACCsample More

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About Lucas Antoniak

Hi, my name is Lucas Antoniak and I'm a self-taught artist, illustrator, and cartoonist. My preferred mediums are pen-and-ink and watercolor, but I sometimes use acrylics and oil pastels and occassionally dabble in block printing and silkscreening. A lot of my art is inspired by hours and hours of doodling, daydreaming, countryside walks, and listening to lots of music.

I live with my family in the sticks of Tennessee. Besides art and comics, my interests include punk music, non-fiction books, paleontology, documentaries, and generally being outside. I post daily on Instagram - www.instagram.com/labideasart

Also, I must add that I dislike writing my own biography. It's very awkward.

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