The Assassins' Lover

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Assassin-guards Ciran and Hattori were bred to live by a code. Never betray your master and never lose your heart. Each icy man is all the other needs until they're sent to kill the beautiful demon aristocrat, Katsu. Against all expectations, this tenderhearted female teaches them they can love. The trio's future would be sweet . . . but only if they escape the enemy who wants to slay them all! More

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Words: 88,460
Language: English
ISBN: 9780983540243
About Emma Holly

Emma Holly is the award winning, USA Today bestselling author of more than forty romantic books featuring billionaires, genies, faeries and just plain extraordinary folks. She loves the hot stuff, both to read and to write!

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Review by: Mel Hankin on May 08, 2013 :
although found it a little frustrating at times, was a great read.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)

Review by: heatherbartley on Oct. 09, 2012 :
I loved this book! I've read a lot of Emma Holly's books, and this one might be the steamiest that she has ever written. It is an erotic romance that still manages to have characters with depth and a really good plot. I don't know how Emma Holly writes a book this steamy and imaginative. FYI, this is probably the fourth book in her "Demon World" series. They can be read out of order, but I recommend all of them.
(reviewed 2 years after purchase)

Review by: Crissy reader on July 30, 2012 : (no rating)
Read it straight through the first night - was really gook like the rest of this Demonic Yama series - can't wait for the next one.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Abigail Reilly on July 18, 2012 :
Another great book! Can't wait for more! If you like erotism this is THE book to read though you can't go wrong with ANYTHING written by Emma holly. I'm a huge follower of hers and have tried to read other authors similar to her but nothing reads as well as Emma hollys books and writing.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: Leslie Lemon on Jan. 24, 2012 :
This was my first book by Emma Holly. I had been looking for it because I had read a sample of it from her website. When I got it I couldn't put it down. I'm going to have to get more of her books about the Yama. I would give it the highest rating for a good story and characters that you can care about. And is it ever hot!!!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: tabytha leflore on Jan. 02, 2012 : (no rating)
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Kelly Mueller on Nov. 07, 2011 :
Emma Holly is wicked, wicked good at writing erotic novels. You surely get that in The Assassins Lover. I will warn those of you that are not into m/m/f (which means the men interact together) relationship you should stop now. Because there is a lot of m/m relations in this story.
The Assassin’s Lover takes us into a world where what class you are born into determines your future.
A chance meeting between Princess Katsu and two of her cousins body guards Hattori & Ciran ends in a summer of the three of them spending every last minute together. Sharing everything!! But after a summer of bliss, does the hardest thing she has ever done she has to walk away from them.
4 years later Hattori and Ciran have been hired to kill a member of the Royal family. They are hired to kill Princess Katsu, the woman that they spent a blissful 3 months with so long ago.
I really enjoyed this story. Emma is a wicked good story teller. But at times I was a little confused by some of the terminology she uses. But I think that was mostly due to the fact that this is a new world to me. As I state before there are some WICKED hot sex scene that are m/m/f, m/f and some m/m too. So if that is not your ideal you may not like this story.
But if you have ever read an Emma Holly novel you will know how WICKED good she is!
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)

Review by: Ngaere Dawson on Oct. 21, 2011 :
When you see Emma Holly's name as the author of a book you know it will be worth reading. As always this book didn't disappoint, enjoyed the story and look forward to reading more of her books whenever I can find them.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Chelsea Cameron on Oct. 10, 2011 :
I really enjoy this universe Ms. Holly has created here and man, this new story doesn't disappoint in terms of story or heat. :)

Really looking forward to more stories in this universe!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Lesley Banks on Sep. 05, 2011 :
another wonderful book from Emma.
(reviewed 28 days after purchase)

Review by: Shala Bennett on Sep. 01, 2011 :
There are several really great written reviews of this book already, so I won't go into details, other than to say, as usual Emma Holly has delivered a superior product. This book was too cheap it was worth so much more!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Alice Lewis on Aug. 29, 2011 :
Great read, highly recommend A+++++
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: e_ bookpushers on Aug. 29, 2011 :
This review will be published on on Wed 31 Aug 11 complete with links and cover images.

One of my favorite series by Emma Holly involves so-called demons so I was extremely pleased when THE ASSASSINS’ LOVER was ready for review. I am going to start with a few background notes since this is the seventh story set in this particular world. It follows three connected novels and three separate short stories. You do not have to read the others first, but they will give you a deeper understanding of the world, and one side character for THE ASSASSINS’ LOVER was introduced in PRINCE OF ICE (Book 3). These demons aren’t -- as you might view them -- from a religious standpoint but they are a genetically separate, although human based, race called demons by the first Victorian era explorers to encounter them after generations of separation. To themselves and as a more politically correct form of address, they are the Yama. The Yama culture appears to be loosely based on the Japanese culture during their era of Shoguns and samurai. During the Yama current day they also possess a great many modern mechanical and otherwise inventions along with a great skill and interest in genetic engineering. I also really liked how Ms Holly didn’t fall into the sadly overused trope of a genetic match which means HEA. Yes genetic matches are required for procreation in the Yama ruling class, but she never used that as the end all be all. Some of them deal with human and Yama interaction as a primary theme while others focus mainly on internal Yama society. Links to her website regarding her previous stories are included at the bottom of this review. THE ASSASSINS’ LOVER is one that focuses primarily on the Yama.

“In the alternate Victorian earth the Yama live in, secrets are tantamount. This supposedly demonic race doesn't believe in letting out emotions—or in giving their hearts away.

Assassin-guards Ciran and Hattori were bred to live by that code, until Hattori's too-moral twin is imprisoned, and Ciran falls in love with the grieving man. Both have illegally altered genes that heighten sexual needs, making those needs a challenge for anyone else to satisfy. Theirs would be a match made in heaven, if only Hattori’s heart could stretch that extra inch toward Ciran.

Katsu Shinobi isn’t your typical demon princess. As tender-hearted as she is lovely, she seems an unlikely match for these dangerous men—until they receive orders to kill her. None of them can forget the erotic interlude they once shared . . . or give up the chance to build a lasting future, together.”
This blurb came from

I enjoyed reading THE ASSASSINS’ LOVER and can’t help but to think that a sequel will be written. I will go into why I think that a little while later. Ms Holly weaves some interesting threads in her latest release including how seemingly isolated events can have a major impact on the future, the lengths a person will go for family loyalty or gain, and that ménages like any other relationship take work to succeed. She also moves back and forth in her timeline which I typically have a hard time following, but she was extremely clear on present and past flashbacks, and then when present moved forward. From the initial meeting and intense yet forbidden connection between Katsu, Hattori and Ciran, throughout the flashbacks of Hattori and Ciran’s earlier relationship and even when they rejoined Katsu, I could see the complexity of the characters and how very human their emotions were underneath their stoicism.

Ciran fell in love with Hattori after Hattori’s twin Haro was imprisoned for refusing to obey an order. Hattori and Haro seemed to be two halves of a whole and had spent their lives guarding each other’s backs. Hattori would do anything possible to either get his brother back or to make his brother’s life in prison easier. Ms Holly includes an assassination assignment for Hattori that I initially thought was just to flesh out his character and to impress how dedicated he was to his brother as well as set the scene for the start of his life with Ciran. Let me tell you, that scene had a much deeper purpose, which was revealed further in the book. Several years later Hattori and Ciran were sent on a guard detail. There they met Katsu, temporarily exiled away from society, and spent the remainder of that summer in an ménage relationship. We only get to see the start of that relationship in real-time the rest is provided in flashbacks primarily from Ciran’s POV. Jumping forward about 15 years Hattori and Ciran are given a new target for assassination who just happens to be Katsu. Their reunion is when the majority of the character growth takes place as the three of them attempt to determine what to do, how to do it and oh by the way we can’t forget about Haro whose quality of life in prison depends on Hattori’s successful assignment completion. I won’t go any further so I don’t spoil this book for you except to say that once they have solved the problems mentioned above their relationship issues aren’t magically gone. They still have to work through communication issues, making sure one person isn’t left out, and dealing with the long term results of their solution.

Remember how I stated in the beginning that I think Ms Holly will write a sequel to THE ASSASSINS’ LOVER? She has one character, Haro, who while not physically present in most of the book proved a driving force for several major events. You could almost say that without this character, Katsu, Ciran and Hattori would have never met. Despite Haro’s importance for this story he is not really fleshed out as a character, which is odd given Ms Holly’s typical writing style. When I look at that and add in the context of how one seemingly minor scene ended up playing a major role I will be looking for a sequel talking about Haro and his life in the near future.

Once again I really enjoyed going back to the world of the Yama and found this book to be surprisingly complex. I look forward to more.

As a side note having reviewed two of Ms Holly’s self published books, I wish more self-pubbed authors would take the obvious time and effort she has put in to release a quality product.

(reviewed 33 days after purchase)

Review by: Anjeanette Sausedo on Aug. 27, 2011 :
I love me some EH Demons! Multi-partner relationships are such an extreme fantasy and Emma manages to always bring out the best in situations where "real" people may balk at the thought of 4-somes, 3-somes and same sex relations. Hot characters and great chemistry in balance through this story.
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)

Review by: Ms. Dawn on Aug. 26, 2011 :
Favorite Quote: “What I feel for Hattori is the closest I’ve come to understanding what family is.”

My thoughts: Ms. Holly’s story starts off innocuously enough, it is Princes Katsu Shinobi’s 30th birthday and she and her young relatives are anticipating an outing together. Ciran and Hattori are to accompany the younger princesses to ensure their safety. From the moment of their meeting, Hattori and Kat are powerfully attracted to each other. Hattori strives to hide his obvious physical attraction but seems unable to resist Kat’s charms.

These three characters enjoy an interlude but are parted. Kat is falsely accused of attempted murder and is living in exile. She has rebuilt her life after the devastating accusation, and if not happy, she is content with her lot.

There is explosive passion between this trio, but Ms. Holly also provided the reader with Hattori and Ciran’s back story, how they met, the past and the passion and chemistry these two men shared. Sharing their past gave me a greater understanding of the bond that existed between Ciran and Hattori.

As we move forward in the story, we find our trio four years into the future, with their paths about to cross one more. Kat’s devious stepmother, wants Kat dead and has hired Ciran and Hattori to do the deed. WOW! Kat is enjoying the freedom that running her own business provides. She has found contentment and acceptance, and yet her thoughts return to the assignation she had previously with Hattori and Ciran.

There is quite a bit of intrigue and action in Ms. Holly’s tale, and I thoroughly enjoyed the exploits of these three as they re-ignited their passion and attempted to rescue Hattori’s twin. The sex was smoking hot, as usual with Ms. Holly’s characters. In all honesty, I do not usually read menage stories, but Ms. Holly has a deft and sure hand with these characters. I cared about these folks and wondered how they were going to navigate the murky waters of a committed relationship. I loved the honesty they displayed about their doubts and how they accepted the faults and frailties of their partners.

In conclusion, I heartily recommend this book! It is hot, emotional and involving. Go buy it!

Be well!
(reviewed 20 days after purchase)

Review by: Linda Canestrari on Aug. 25, 2011 :
As usual, Emma Holly does it again! The book keeps you on the edge of your seat and you just CAN'T put it down! I read it in one sitting, had to find out how everyone fared! I highly recommend this book!!!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: EllBee on Aug. 16, 2011 :
Angela Knight does it again! With characters so real you can feel the weight of their desire and pain, the depth of their love for each other; The Assassins Lover was a book I could not stop reading. Highly enjoyable, highly recomended!!
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)

Review by: Wendy Mitchell on Aug. 03, 2011 :
Princess Katsu Shinobi got more than she expected on her natal day. Hidden away at the behest of her jealous stepmother, Kat is more than happy to share her isolation with the two handsome Rohn guards, Hattori and Ciran. For three blissful months the three explore their sexuality with fierce abandon. Years later, the duo are hired to kill their former lover. Knowing there is very little chance for them all to escape with their lives, Kat, Hattori and Ciran set forth a plan that could bring freedom for the trio or death.
Full review posted on 8/04/2011 at http://www.ragesexandteddybears.blogspot...
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)

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