Men Mastering Sex

Having excellent sexual relations requires a different set of strengths than those you get at the gym. It requires training the mind-body as an integrated organism. In this book, I bring together a group of methods and exercises that address the holistic nature of sexual relations. This set of methods have not been fully offered before in any Western book or course, to the best of my knowledge. More

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About Dean Andrews

Dean Andrews has a M.S. in Human Sexuality from the Institute for the study of human sexuality in San Francisco, CA.
He has been a sex counselor and article columnist on sex issues since 1997. Dean also studied oriental medicine at the San Francisco School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, has a certificate in Holistic nutrition from Bauman College, and a Physical Therapy degree from University of Washington. He integrates knowledge gained from his achievements as a black belt in Karate and a Qi Gong instructor with his training in western physiology. Many clients have improved their sex lives by consulting with Dean Andrews, and he hopes to share some of this success through his eBook, "Men Mastering Sex".

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