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Mind Bending double entendres & punny jokes by P!apoose of Papoose Doorbelle Publishing presented by Smashwords, a Chen Dushek publication.

Double meaning riddles get more complex the deeper into the book you go.

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About Papoose

About Me

I'm a writer and junk. But I wasn't always a writer. Truth be told, I was pretty terrible in all my English classes as a child. I was always good at math and science, so teachers never really cared too much about my grammar and language mastery. To boot, I had horrible ADHD. I still do, but as a child, it was much worse. It was so bad in fact, that when someone spoke to me, by the time they got to the second word in the sentence, I had forgotten the first word. If you read the book "Am I God, Gobland?" I tell you all about it in great detail.

Most of my books are from personal experience. Okay, scratch that, that's a total lie. Everything I write is completely made up wild fiction that I imagined. My imagination is so far out and bizarre and original that sometimes I have to lasso it in and tame and contain it so that it doesn't spiral out of control beyond the bounds of acceptable literature.

When I was young, people (read: adults) would always tell me what a wild imagination I had. I never understood that. To me, I wasn't imagining anything; I was just trying to understand them. But in so doing, my imagination would fill in the blanks, and what should have been a clear picture of the reality I was living in became a whole assortment of fabricated fantasies I assumed were true based on the information I was given.

I think as we become adults, what we lose, what separates us from children, is our imaginations. Children have imaginations. There is no changing that. But as we grow and become adults, our imaginations are replaced with our perceptions of reality. We lose our imaginations because they stop being necessary as we come to grasp the reality that confines us.

Unfortunately, I'm a non-conformist. What does that mean exactly? Well, for one, it means that I refuse to relinquish my imagination in exchange for the reality I should accept as my existence. There is more to life than meets the eye. In my humble and unforgiving opinion, we are all at fault for allowing ourselves to be convinced that we can exist without imaginations. Worse yet is the belief that our imaginations are strictly for creating illogical forms of manipulations to trick each other.

That is a sad state of affairs, but it is not the path I have chosen. I have written on a number of topics/genres. But moving forward, I'm going to write children's stories. A collection of children's stories to be exact. And that series starts with the epic saga titled "Zen of Gob Goblin."

You're welcome to read the other stories if you want. I don't care. I actually don't care about a lot of things. Perhaps less than a normal person should not care about. For example, I don't care about global warming; I don't care about terrorists; I don't care about money; I don't care about politics or organized religion; I don't care who I offend or insult. I also don't care about who I compliment or flatter. If I do happen to compliment or flatter anybody or any groups in my writings, it is completely coincidental and unintentional.

But there are things I do care about. I care about suffering. I think suffering is the worst thing a being can experience in life. Think of a poor animal that has been run over by a car and lays there in the road half alive, bleeding, but not dead. That is horrible suffering. It's bones crushed and mangled. No chance of survival or recovery. It just lies that and waits until it finally dies. Every second of that time feels like an eternity to that animal. That is suffering that I cannot stand. But of course, there are other forms of suffering I care about as well. We all suffer. We are born into suffering, and there is an escape, a nirvana if you will.

That of course brings me to my next point: my religious beliefs. I was born Jewish. I did not have a choice in that matter. I think it's very odd that people find fault in others for things that are beyond their control. Irregardless, I am still Jewish. I will never stop being Jewish. Accept for this one point: I studied a lot of Buddhism. I also studied a lot of Taoism, Hinduism, Reflexology, Reiki, and the list goes on. Am I Jewish? Maybe. Perhaps through the perceptions of others who only see what their limited minds allow them to see. I no longer have any religion that can be defined in relative terms within the confines of our language. Having said all that though, I still believe in God. All the Buddhism and other eastern philosophies and anything else will never take away my undying pledge and love for my Creator.

I speak a great deal about that in some of my earlier books. Not so much in the children's books, but if you're interested in a philosophical read that will have you questioning the very reality you believe you are in control of, then by all means, give my first few books a try. I can promise you this: you've never read anything like them before.

What else? Why and how am I a writer now? I wrote a book back in 2006. It was a user manual for a financial company in midtown Manhattan. Possibly one of the oldest financial firms in existence if memory serves me (it doesn't). I thought nothing of it, but they loved it. They praised my writing as amazing and talented, and off I went into a career as a technical writer. It wasn't long before I had a firm grasp of the English language that rivaled the very grammar style guides that I used to perfect my language skills and knowledge.

Then reality took a turn for the strange. Everything I thought I knew came into question. All the petty and trivial problems and squabbles of the past became mere illusions from which I awoke like a hazy dream. I saw passed the bounds of my own existence. I found enlightenment. I found the answer. I found everything I was looking for. And with that came enemies. I found I had a lot more enemies that I ever thought I would. That's nice. They care enough to hate me. So cute. I wish I could say the same, but the truth is I don't hate them. They get filed in the "shit I don't care about" folder I just threw in the trash. Sorry (read: not sorry)! Yeah, I apologize, but if you hate me, the feeling is not mutual. That's your hang up. Go see a shrink and get that hate sorted out.

So now what? You guessed it. Children's stories. Perhaps more like pre-teen stories. Thing is though, I don't care about money, and I'm not in it for the fortune and fame. I was going to create this gigantic educational solution for future generations, but yes, you guessed it, I just don't care. So, this will be a slow process. It's not that I can't write fast; it's that I have no reason to. I write because I have too. Because the stories sit in my brain like heavy rocks weighing down my imagination until I release them to paper. So, when the next story begins to become a burden, I'll write that one too I guess. But I'm in no rush. Enjoy the ones I wrote so far, and maybe one day, there'll be more.

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About the Series: Papoose’s Punny Jokes
A collection of jokes and riddles books with mostly all-ages appropriate material except for about 10%, which makes this series inappropriate for minors. These books are intended for ages 13 and up.

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Anita Roberts reviewed on Jan. 4, 2018

This book challenged my way of thinking . It is clever, thought provoking and humor I never expected. Jokes can be virtuous and still carry with them intelligent craftsmanship in today’s modern world where anything is available at the touch of your fingertip. I would highly recommend the book to anyone who wants more.
Pasoose Doorbelle is a name to keep an eye on in this genre.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
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