The Vampire Legacy

William is fast approaching the age when the virus will make him ill, and Susie will have to decide whether to let him die or let him be cursed to be a vampire. Susie ran away from everything she knew to keep William safe, but she should have known it would be impossible not to be found. More
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April 1, 2019
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About Lynette Ferreira

Lynette Ferreira writes stories for Young Adults, Teens, and Adults Young at Heart.

She loves supernatural stories infused with romance, mystery, unexpected twists, and heart-warming endings.

Since 2008, she has written more than twenty fiction novels about first love, really cute boys, kissing and all the drama, which are mostly set in a supernatural world with a sprinkling of horror.

She does not really like the cold, is afraid of what might be hiding in the dark, and loves anything in, on or smothered with chocolate.

She lives almost at the top of the world in Northern Ireland.

About the Series: William: The Vampire Pirate Saga
William is an epic saga, following the protagonist, William, a vampire pirate who meets Susanna and for her he will sacrifice everything. In France, in a dilapidated chateau, Susie finds love where she wasn't even looking. However, dangers lurk every where and Susie will do everything to keep the one she loves, more than herself, safe. The series is targeted at teens, young adults and adults young at heart. The books contain themes of death, loss and M/F romance (and lots of vampires).

Also in Series: William: The Vampire Pirate Saga

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