Why Evolution is Not True: Because Natural Selection Does Not Exist

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With precision and clarity, Dr. Sadaphal presents the vast trove of evidence that demands a new verdict: that natural selection does exist, and therefore evolution is not true. This bold and revolutionary book challenges the scientific status quo and provides seven devastating reasons why natural selection is not real; what is real is merely a philosophical assumption. More
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About Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

Elijah Sadaphal is the founder of What Christians Should Know (wcsk.org), an organization whose mission is to grow mature believers in Christ. He serves his local congregation as junior pastor of Deeper Life Christian Fellowship in Queens, NY. He also serves concurrently in his second vocation as a board-certified medical doctor. He is the author of seven books and lives close to New York City with his wife and two sons.

For more information, visit Elijah’s website at: http://www.chesadaphal.com/about-sadaphal

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Reviews of Why Evolution is Not True: Because Natural Selection Does Not Exist by Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

andrew1210 reviewed on Feb. 3, 2018

Let's the science speak for itself which screams an explosive conclusion
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CfromNYC reviewed on Feb. 1, 2018

Very profound.
(review of free book)
Daren888 reviewed on Jan. 29, 2018

This book is unique because it seeks to enlighten BOTH those who subscribe to evolution and those who do not. Dr. Sadaphal begins by defining terms and making clear what evolution is and what it is not. The author spends the first ten or so pages clarifying the theory as explained by leading authorities. His strict focus is on the process of macroevolutionary change. Any honest scientist is fully aware of the flaws of evolutionary theory and Dr. Sadaphal exploits said flaws at its weakest point: the mechanism of big change, natural selection. The “seven reasons why natural selection does not exist” is what follows.

The seven reasons take us from the 1800s (Darwin’s Origin) to the present day with a rigorous engagement with the modern sciences including the molecular biochemistry of proteins and the information encoded in DNA. Subsequently, the author has a unique style of prose where he makes a claim, raises biting objections to his own claim and then responds in turn, strengthening his argument. These arguments are replete with references to the scientific literature. What you are left with is the meager ability to disparage minutiae like use of language, not the arguments themselves. Dr. Sadaphal raises issue with many tenuous components of evolutionary theory that many have been reluctant to admit are weak at best. He exposes said vulnerabilities, pours salt on the wound and reveals just how incapable natural selection is to provide a specific, sequential, cellular mechanism for extraordinary change.

This is a succinct little book that packs a whopping punch. While I do think the author fell short of the goal of proving that natural selection does not exist, he does a marvelous job of establishing a “logic of implausibility” so that evolution by natural selection becomes so unlikely that natural selection may as very well not exist.

Cheers and bravo for anyone not willing to succumb to groupthink and reach a logical conclusion based on reason and an honest assessment of the facts.
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natis1 reviewed on Jan. 28, 2018

Gets almost everything wrong, but in insidious ways. To prove this let's take a look at one of the first passages in the book, the conclusion to the section "What is Evolution? What is Natural Selection?" from page 9:
"So, finches, tigers, and frogs are all merely “bags of DNA,” and when these animals die, their genes live on."
The book's strawman of someone accepting evolution is one who thinks so lowly of animals as to consider them only "bags of DNA." When looking at just the mechanism by which DNA propagates over long time periods this may be a reasonable, if antagonistic comparison, but on the scale of individual animals this term is objectively wrong. Animals have thoughts and feelings, and make decisions based on them, and sure the basic structure of their body is sculpted by DNA but there are other factors that make even genetic clones unique.
"Biology is not concerned with purpose"
That's reserved for philosophy. Biology, like all science, is concerned with accurately describing the world based on data.
"the only real “purpose” of life is for DNA to make more copies of itself."
Only from the DNA's perspective. But unless you are assuming that you and all other living beings are extremely nihilistic life may have other purposes.
"Thus, according to Darwinism, the goal of life is survival—nothing less, nothing more."
Lol Darwinism. Is one a Newtonist if he or she believes that gravity exists? The goal of anything, including life, is not part of the scope of Biology but philosophy.
This kind of reasoning continues for the next 60 pages.
I'd give this book two stars for at least trying to come up with a consistent argument against evolution but it fails in even that by nicking many of its ideas from Kent Hovind.
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hatladies reviewed on Jan. 25, 2018

excellent primer on evo & its flaws. my background was rusty but the explanations were clear. The evidence presented was easy to follow and quite convincing. VERY intellectual and he poses objections to his own arguments to counter and strengthen his case. luv the tons of footnotes! Will recommend to friends.
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SciGuy7 reviewed on Jan. 24, 2018

Facts, facts and more facts ... no need to rely on anything else. Dr. Sadaphal sticks to what science says and makes a persuasive case that Darwinism is false basically because evolution just defines natural selection into existence without a clear explanation of what it actually does on the cellular level. Bravo!
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KSoze0120 reviewed on Jan. 22, 2018

This book is an intelligent breath of fresh air for all those who simply don't just accept what they are told are the "facts." The author presents a balanced presentation of evidence that weighs what Darwin said, what modern science says and then draws a logical conclusion by sticking to what science says. I found the insights he provided as a medical doctor very interesting. It's worth the read ... if for nothing else it will definitely get some conversations started.
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David Rice reviewed on Jan. 22, 2018

The writer wants everyone to believe that observed demonstrable facts such as natural selection is false because his occult superstition mandates that it be false---- not because it is. The writer is also confused about what natural selection is, asserting there is no known mechanism by which natural selection works even though natural selection is the mechanism. The writer also wants people to believe that everyone who accepts the fact that evolution happened and happens is "godless," though the issue of the gods existing has nothing to do with the fact evolution happens. Sheeeish. Skip this.
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