Encounters - Book One of Series: It's Time You Knew

With the help of the Spirit Realm, we will go in-depth, focusing on the daily Encounters we have while experiencing the Human Condition. More
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December 12, 2018
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About Joel The Medium

Joel has been helping others as a Medium for over 25 years. Having been given a great gift, the ability to communicate and work with Spirits, Entities, Universal Essence, Astral and Planetary Energies, as well as Deities of various Paths, to Teach, Guide, Heal and Protect others while they navigate the Human Condition. He is what may be described as an ‘Instrument’, one whom the Universe uses, like a tool, for greater good, to help make people’s lives as peaceful and meaningful as possible.

Being such an Instrument, Joel acts through various methods as a ‘connecting’ point for all who wish to explore the possibilities of working with Faith as a means of improving not only the Human Condition that our Spirit is now experiencing, but ultimately the very evolutionary growth of our Soul.


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