Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter

After four long years of grueling work, Cadet Jack Dalton is graduating from the FBI Academy. He unsuspectingly is called before not the superintendent of the school but J Edgar Hoover himself! His new Assignment? Take over and run the new Magical Division of the FBI. It sounds like a big job and major commitment. Too bad he only has one Agent under his command and that Agent is himself! More

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About T S Paul

I'm now into my second year as a published author. With over 25 works under my belt already my pace is relentless. Writing was never a goal of mine growing up. I really did fall into this accidentally. My wife and family knew of my love of books and urged me to try writing. It wasn't until an author i befriended gave me a short push off a long pier that i really gave it a go. And what a go that was! Athena Lee and Agatha Blackmore have given way to over 50 short stories. I write a lot. The future is in books and I'm in it for the long haul. Keep your eyes peeled for New and exciting things coming from me this year. I'm Excited, are you?

This year i have expanded into the wonderful world of Cookbooks. I changed careers in the early 2000s switching from Retail management at Waldenbooks and going to Culinary School at L'Ecole Culinaire-Saint Louis in Missouri. Graduating near the very top of my class i moved on to work at the Renaissance Grand Hotel for my internship and later Masterpiece BBQ in Chesterfield, Mo as kitchen Manager. My co-writer and partner in crime for the current Tie-in cookbooks is Taki Drake. She is both an fiction writer and recipe hoarder like myself. Expect to see much more from her in the near future as she will be writing inside my Federal Witch Universe.

Recently I allied myself with Phoenix Prime. Late in 2016 a group of authors entered into the Phoenix Prime writers course sponsored initially by the 20books to 50k Facebook group, of which i am a original member. I was involved with the group from it's inception and its sole admin moderator for half a year. Writer, Psychologist, and Computer security specialist extraordinaire Kat Lind chose to teach the class. Several other Authors were asked to mentor and teach special classes. I was honored to be asked to do some of that. The Group is made up of over 30 authors across all Genres. Many are just starting their publishing careers and i expect greatness from them.

Keep your eyes peeled for New and exciting things coming from me this year. I'm Excited, are you?

Check in at my Website for more information and Free stuff https://tspaul.blogspot.com/
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Born a Witch Drafted by the FBI!
Conjuring Quantico
Magical Probi
Special Agent in Charge
Witness Enchantment
Night of the Unicorn
Invisible Elder - TBD
Blood on the Moon - TBD
Child of Darkness -TBD
A Draft of Dragons -TBD
Cat’s Night Out, Tails from the Federal Witch Audio Coming Soon
Darkness Revealed

Standard of Honor Series

Shade of Honor
Coven Codex -TBD
A confluence of Covens -TBD
Conflict of Commitments -TBD
Standard of Honor -TBD

Cookbooks From the Federal Witch Universe

Marcella’s Garden Cookbook
Fergus Favorites Cookbook
Marcella's Summer Bounty Cookbook - Coming Soon
Marcella's Autumn Harvest Cookbook

Athena Lee Chronicles

The Forgotten Engineer
Engineering Murder
Ghost ships of Terra
Imperial Subversion
The Martian Inheritance
Prelude to War
War to the Knife
Ghosts of Noodlemass Past

Athena Lee Universe

Shades of Learning
Space Cadets - Coming Soon

Short Story Collections

Wilson’s War
A Colony of CATTs

Box Sets

Chronicles of Athena Lee - Books 1-3
Chronicles of Athena Lee - Books 4-6
Chronicles of Athena Lee - Books 7-9 plus the prequel
The Federal Witch: The Collected Works, Book 1
The Federal Witch: The Collected Works, Book 2

Standalone or tie-ins

The Tide: The Multiverse Wave

The Lost Pilot
Uncommon Life

Kutherian Gambit
Alpha Class. The Etheric Academy book 1
Alpha Class The Etheric Academy Book 2


Phoenix Galactic
The Expanding Universe Book 2
Cupid’s Bow
Mysterious Hearts
Haunted Hearts


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