Jabberwocky Trilogy: Book One: Sing Me a Little-Girls-Goodbye

15-year-old Queen Malice and companions must set off to Jabberwock Valley to help the Jabberwock and to warn his fellow monsters. The Jabberwock needs help because he was formerly decapitated and needs a new body. And Wonderland itself is in danger, because a creature known as the Snark threatens to reunite the monster kingdoms and revive a realm known as Woeland. More

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About Lotus Rose

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Lotus Rose is also the author of MachoPoni: A Prance with Death. He writes about young characters in strange situations. At times dark, silly, or bawdy, his writing owes much to such influences as Alice in Wonderland and Roald Dahl, and explores themes like disillusionment, and the corruption of innocence. If his books were movies, they'd likely be directed by Tim Burton. He often writes in a style that is a more edgy, “grown-up” version of children’s literature interspersed with his poetry and songs.

Here's a short poem he wrote:

O, shall I be like the lotus,
And bring you dark dreams and soft sighs?
Or shall I be like the rose is,
Sweet-scented and tempting your eyes?

For the unending sleep can seduce you,
To the world behind unseeing eyes.
And the beauty that beckons, then cuts you,
Is also the cruelest of lies.

Also in Series: Malice in Wonderland

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