Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy, #1)

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Amaranth (Book 1)
The Gates (Book 2)
The Tragedy of Knowledge (Book 3)
Unearthed (A Resistance Novella)

Knowledge changes everything…

Hoodoo-influenced Southern Louisiana seems like the perfect place for Camille to relocate and escape her abusive past. She didn’t expect to fall in love and plummet herself into the world of Amaranth, a place of exile for reformed vampires. More
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  • Category: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
  • Words: 60,790
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780615495705
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Jessie Lyn Pizanias reviewed on Dec. 4, 2013

I enjoyed the first half of this book thoroughly. It had an interesting story line and nice introduction to the characters, but I just couldn't get excited by the end enough to keep reading to the next book. It's an enjoyable afternoon read and very much worth the download if you are a paranormal romance fan.
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Lissette E. Manning reviewed on Feb. 17, 2012

Intent on outrunning her abusive past, Camille has decided to set up new roots in the beautiful state of Louisiana. It’s lore and intrigue draws her in and she soon feels at home amongst the people there. Yet she can never forget that wonderful man she came across while vacationing in Paris. Unknowingly spiraling into another abusive relationship, Camille is determined to get out of it, once and for all.

Yet she never imagined Andrew would make it so difficult to get out of it. He’s intent on claiming her completely and will not allow anyone to get close to her. Until Gavin enters the scene, of course. It’s then that Andrew’s petty jealousy’s come out to play.

Thwarting her ex-boyfriend’s attempts to end her life at every turn, Camille finds it within herself to fight back completely. She refuses to allow him the upper hand and tells herself she will not fall into his traps ever again. When Gavin’s true nature is accidentally exposed, she realizes that the legends surrounding vampires are actually real. These supernatural beings really do exist.

As she begins to wonder what she’s gotten herself into, she takes matters into her own hands and decides to help Gavin every step of the way. Her love for him makes this possible as she never felt anything quite like what she feels for Gavin for anyone else before. As the enemy’s forces draw ever closer, the couple is determined to set things straight and band together in hopes of achieving the goals they’ve set forth. Yet they never imagined that the secrets of the past would come back to haunt them in the long run.

I absolutely loved this book. Absolutely loved the vampire angle on this one. I think Rachael did beautifully in building the world around her characters. The topic of being in an abusive relationship is something anyone can relate to and she did a remarkable job in drawing out Camille’s thoughts and feelings as well as her insecurities. I’m looking forward to what’s coming next in this series.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
Jessica Bantten reviewed on Feb. 2, 2012


The story starts off in beautiful Paris where Camille meets Gavin for the first time. Their first meeting is sweet and cute but much too short.

Camille returns tot he U.S. and moves to Louisiana to start a new life. Gavin comes back into her life by chance and a very sweet contemporary romance seems to be taking place.

Out of nowhere --- the sweet contemporary romance turns into a gritty paranormal romance. We soon discover some of Camille's very good friends are...more3.5

The story starts off in beautiful Paris where Camille meets Gavin for the first time. Their first meeting is sweet and cute but much too short.

Camille returns tot he U.S. and moves to Louisiana to start a new life. Gavin comes back into her life by chance and a very sweet contemporary romance seems to be taking place.

Out of nowhere --- the sweet contemporary romance turns into a gritty paranormal romance. We soon discover some of Camille's very good friends are vampires. And it seems they all are in a lot of trouble.

The first half of the book was great. I felt like the development between Camille and Gavin was sincere and not too rushed. I loved the introduction of vampires closer to the end of the story but I felt that when Camille's friends are trying to explain everything to her that things got a little confusing for me. I'm hoping that more of this vampire background will be cleared up in the later installments.

I'm very happy with this read and will likely keep up with the series once the next book is released.
(reviewed 31 days after purchase)
Anne Cole reviewed on Jan. 29, 2012

I read this for reviewing purposes, but found myself pulled in and really enjoyed it. Camille is a wonderful character, who is smart yet fearful. She is pulled in by Gavin, and to my dismay, they completely fall for each other in just a couple of days. As another reviewer said, I also almost stopped reading right then. But I kept going and found the story to really develop and come to life. I really like Camille, and still want to know more about her.
The story is short, which can be good, but it leaves me wanting more, more more! It is a quick read for those wanting some great reading but not with much time.
I am very glad this will be a trilogy!! I am hoping to become more attached to gavin as well, because right now he just still seems odd to me and not very attractive. I’m sure this will develop as well.
I was impressed with the flow of writing, very professional, not too fast, not too slow.
I really recommend this to everyone!
(reviewed 28 days after purchase)
Alana Rock reviewed on Jan. 26, 2012


Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy #1)

Camille has finally taken a step toward breaking away from her abusive relationship and dysfunctional family. A trip to Paris, where she has always longed to go, research for a book she longs to write (but has not even told her best about), and a "special" coat she spent way too much on, but it makes her feel happy and in control. It's here in Paris that she has a chance encounter with Gavin Devereaux. He somehow can tell she's searching for something and recommends that she move to Paris. This is too much of a leap for Camille, and while she is drawn to Gavin, she wanders through Paris on her own without ever contacting him again. She is, however, inspired by his suggestion...

A year and a half later, Camille is now living in Southern Louisiana. She has "improved" her life by leaving Seattle, is attending a university, and working at a local bookstore; at the same time, she has just traded one abusive relationship for another. The Hoodoo influences in the area have lead her to attempt to work spells and rituals herself to banish her newest, and worst, abuser yet. But nothing seems to work! She is still trying to rid herself of Andrew when her best friend finally visits for the first time from Seattle, and Gavin appears at the local bookstore. Still drawn to him, but without Paris to distract her, will she find what she has looked for in his arms? Despite what she may, or may not have been looking for, she finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed: Amaranth, an exile world for vampires. Soon she must decide what path to follow and what price she is willing to pay. For all paths require a sacrifice.

What I Thought

I've never been this conflicted about a book before. I've waited a full 24 hours after finishing it, hoping that time and distance would clear up my thoughts and resolve my opinion, but to no avail. I so badly wanted to like this book, not that I dislike it... The best way I can describe what I think is to lay out the pros and cons. My overall rating fluctuates between 3 and 4 ♥'s. I can seem MANY people liking this book despite my ambivalence.

Pros: The characters are vivid, the description is impeccable, even the cover is so lovely. It is written very well, and one can't help but want to read the next in the series to find out just what happens. She really builds and entirely new world, with an interesting take on vampire "mythology". The main male lead, Gavin, is most definitely swoon-worthy. And I simply loved the small nods to Twilight and Johnny Deep (*sighs*).

Cons: Part of who Camille is, reads (to me) as a standard relationship abuse victim. She seems to define herself by the bad males she has paired herself with in the past. Granted, some of her "current" victim behavior is supernaturally enhanced... but enhanced or not it's there. She's a victim at heart, in my opinion, and I just don't like victims. Yes, she did take steps to break away from abuse but she seemed stuck in a cycle she was doomed to repeat no matter what steps she took. And her choices that she makes! It's been a while that I've read a book where I so badly wanted to reach through those pages and smack the main character (in this case, Camille,) around. ALOT! Because of these reasons, I never connected with her character. And her relationship with Gavin, while he is swoon-worthy, seemed to have that "instant love- just add kiss" syndrome. Maybe I've read too many books recently using this approach, but I wanted to really see more "falling in love". Maybe I've just become too jaded to "buy" what that syndrome seems to be selling to so many books. Additionally, the "blurb" of the book gives out far more spoilers than I would have given, had I written it.

It really is a book I can see so many people reading and enjoying; I know all readers do not have the same hang-ups that I do. Most likely, I will read the next because I want to know where the story is going to go- and hope- that Camille redeems herself as a character in my eyes. But on the other hand, I will also likely never read it again. I "erred" on the forgiving side for actual stars to appear on the overall review- but my heart is still not sold on 4 stars. There are still times that I want to just be evil and give it 3.
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)
Nicole Peterson reviewed on Jan. 25, 2012

I really ended up liking this book. At first I thought it was gonna be your typical vamp book, but it took a turn for the better. So without giving it all away, I will just say. I really liked the book and the little bomb dropped at the end is a nice touch and makes sure that you will read the next book to see what goes down next.
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)
Sam reviewed on Jan. 23, 2012

I didn't like this book very much, which is a shame as I love the genre and I was expecting great things from it. the writing sytle is clunky and there are huge holes in the plot where the reader has to make BIG assumptions based on not much evidence that this would actually be the case. I was very disappointed and I won't be buying the rest of the series.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Tabitha Sanchez reviewed on Jan. 23, 2012

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Amaranth is the debut novel of author Rachel Wade and the first book of The Resistance trilogy. This seriously blew my mind away. I wasn’t expecting to like it at all. I read the description and was expecting some corny vampire story, but boy was I wrong. This book is so different from any other vampire stories I’ve read. The vampires in this story actually have a purpose in which they live for. This book covered a lot of topics like physical and emotional abuse made it even more relatable.

The story starts off with Camille arriving in Paris looking for an escape from her life in Seattle where an abusive boyfriend awaits. While in Paris she meets the mysterious Gavin and they have an immediate connection even if they were only together for a short amount of time. Two years later and Camille’s living in Lafayette, Louisiana where she’s found herself in yet another abusive relationship. While at work one day Camille bumps into Gavin and the two soon start to fall for each other. Camille soon finds herself in the middle of a war between two sides of the vampire world. One side with Camille and Gavin's friends who are part of a resistance against the vampire queen. Then the other side is the one of the vampire queen who sends exiled vampires into slavery in the city of Amaranth.

Camille is such a great main character, the thing I love about her is that she’s real. She has actual problems which make her relatable. In the beginning she’s kind of broken, but throughout the book she puts herself back together and ends up being stronger then before. Then there’s Gavin! He was such a great character. You could tell right from the beginning that he and Camille share a connection. The thing I loved about him was that you could tell that his feelings for Camille were genuine and that he really did love her, it wasn’t fake at all. Camille’s best friend Audrey was an amazing character. She convinced Camille to stand up to her abusive boyfriend the minute she found out what was happening.

The one thing that I didn’t like about this book was the pace. I felt like the whole book was rushed. Camille and Gavin's relationship happened really fast. It wasn’t really explained in great detail, but that didn’t make it any less great. After like the first half of the book it was all about the vampires, their history, and the upcoming war that the characters were all involved in. I really liked how this book always kept me guessing! I never once knew what was going to happen which was great because I kept on reading without getting bored. This book had some seriously funny parts, but there was also parts when it was really emotional and suspenseful.

I can’t wait for the sequel The Gates, I will definitely be reading it!

Overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
shyd reviewed on Jan. 20, 2012

Again another amazing cover. The cover art is always an eyecatcher for me. This book took me on a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. I loved Camille she has the makings of a good heroine. I loved that she has no problems realizing a bad situation and moving on from it. Its refreshing to have heroines that stand up for themselves and aren't so codependent. I loved having Louisana as the backdrop for this story as it is such a place of mystery and intrigue. I could imagine vampires being able to blend in well here. Amaranth sounds like such a beautiful place too eventhough the evil lurks there. The author was so descriptive with her writing that I was imagining in my head with the wonderful colors and graphics. The character of Gavin needs to grow on me a little though. I didnt like that he hid so muchof himself until he had no choice but to tell Camille. I do like his love and loyalty to Camille,his friends and the memory of his parents. I am looking forward to book 2 in this series.
(reviewed 18 days after purchase)
Deb Novack reviewed on Jan. 9, 2012

Camille is trying to make a new life away from the fear and abuse. She seemed to repeat the pattern of choosing abusive men until she met Gavin and his friend Gabe. They introduce her to a new world where she learns not to fear. I can't wait for The Gates to be released so I can continue the journey.
(reviewed 47 days after purchase)
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