Bring Your MICCC—Money

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The young person’s guide to successful adulting.

This workbook is designed to provide a skeleton of information that each young person can customize in order to fit their specific needs. It requires careful consideration and mental practice on the part of the reader. More
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About Diamond Wilson

Diamond Wilson is 33 years old and loves adventure. She ate a worm-burger and chicken feet in South America, backpacked through Europe, rescued a friend from arrest in Mexico (the federales were really very nice), had coffee with the French police, was kicked out of a train station in Italy for having feet on a chair, and spent an entire night on the beach in a thunderstorm in Spain.

She has a favorite scarf that functions as a blanket, a swimsuit, a towel, (anything, really). She doesn't leave the house without at least three electronic devices, a protein bar, and her passport--because you never know where life might take you. Diamond loves s'mores, fancy cheese, dark chocolate, and strong coffee. She loves to cook for her family, especially her nine nephews and nieces who inspire her to write stories and have adventures.

She is the author of The Quest for the Queen series, Bring Your MICCC series, Little Words, Big Ideas series, and The Sand Sculptor. She was a Dallas Morning News Voices Columnist, and currently teaches Spanish at SCC.

She speaks five languages, has a Bachelor's degree in German, Spanish, and French, has a Master's degree focusing on Latin American and Peninsular Literature and Pedagogy, taught Spanish for two years at Washington State University and taught French and Spanish for five years in Texas. Oh, yeah. And she free-style raps when around very close friends.

Diamond enjoys playing basketball, hiking, floating the river, watching the sunrise at the beach, Latin dance, reading, writing, and making handpuppets in her classroom on the projector screen.

If you like TED Talks, check out her TEDxPlano presentation on Thinking Forward For Your Self

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CoquiMike reviewed on Feb. 6, 2018

What a wonderful book. A practical, sensible guide for those transitioning from living at home and entering the real world. I cannot recall discussing personal financial health during my high school years furthermore, upon asking my high school aged daughter, she also stated that this topic hasn’t been covered at all.
Currently, there is a huge disconnect between the academic world and the real world as far as what is expected from a student as opposed to an employee. This is where this book beautifully fills this gap.
The transition is a difficult one and Bring Your MICCC helps you navigate these treacherous waters. Important topics such as money management, work ethic, prepping for an job interview, student loans and others are presented in a simple, no nonsense but also in a fun and engaging way.
This book would work for individual study but also just as well as part of a group discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I will insist my daughter read it too.
If you’re a young adult starting out in the Real World, I cannot recommend this book enough.
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Lauren Klemke reviewed on Feb. 5, 2018

Where was this book when I was in HS?!

This book is tremendously valuable for those entering the 'real world' where just your knowledge of math, science and history isn't enough!
I love that this book doesn't read like a boring lecture of an adult telling you what to do! It's insightful and puts the onus on the reader to think and reflect.
There are also great tips for anyone, any age looking for a new job or that can even be applied when seeking a promotion!
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Elocker reviewed on Feb. 4, 2018

The whole time I read this book all I could think of was - Where was this when I was younger??!!!
Throughout my young adult life I faced a lot of the same challenges it speaks about in the book. This book specifically talks about money. No one likes talking about money. Even the word money bothers me. But it is so crucial to daily life. I know that if I had read this book 15 years ago I would have been a lot better off. I recommend this book to all young adults and regular adults. There are valuable lessons that are very well written. Thanks Diamond Wilson for the great read!!
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Amber Steinborn reviewed on Feb. 2, 2018
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Diamond Wilson's important work on personal finance, 'Bring Your MICCC' bridges the educational gap for adolescents and young adults. This self-help guide covers the often missing information needed for financial self-sufficiency. Offering several workbook-style exercises, young people can begin to gauge their current and future economic requirements as well as balance a budget. Readers gain insight to their own unique attributes and personal values. 'Bring Your MICCC' spotlights the importance of preparation and good judgment in our uncertain world. Filled with original stories and wit, Wilson's breakdown on having a mind for money is understandable, salient, and cool. This book is a catalyst for anyone young or old looking to get a grip on budgeting or redefine personal goals. Bonus: free download! Bigger Bonus: Book proceeds go towards a student scholarship!
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Raziel Leiva reviewed on Feb. 2, 2018

As a man in my late-20s, I wish I had had this book as a guide right after high school. Wilson's first book in her new series is the type of book that should be taught to young adults everywhere.

Not everyone has a financially-disciplined parent as a role model, and, while learning history, science, foreign languages, etc. in high school is important, practical knowledge and everyday situations that will be met during adulthood by everyone are barely, if at all, covered by our general education.

The interviews and Wilson's own stories about handling money are honest, funny at times, and relatable.

I recommend reading Wilson's book even if you're not about to leave school as the tips and knowledge in this book can be applied to your life at any age.
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Mark Schultz reviewed on Feb. 1, 2018

I love this book, it will prove to be so valuable to new adults who are willing to put in a little work now to reap rewards later. I wish this had been available when I was a new adult, it would have been so helpful and it would have made me stronger in areas of financial weakness.
The areas covered in this first volume are critically important, they set the tone and permit a new adult to build a foundation for future success.
I give this first volume Bring your MICCC-Money 5 stars!
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