Red Nairobi

The Avakian revenge is underway. Saiph and his crew are here to exert their revenge. More
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About Sandra Nekh

I am Sandra, a girl from a little village in Africa. I knew I had a love for words and stories when I picked up my first book on Red Indians when I was about 6/7 Years. I cant remember the name of the book but there was something about this other world that drove me insane. IT haunted my dreams and soon I could see myself in this new world. Because my world was very limited I realized that I could travel through the words. That was how I found myself preferring to read quietly in a corner than play outside with the rest. I was about 8/9 when I picked up a pen to write. Since then I have written but its only until 2015 that I decided to publish with Lulu. I write fiction and scrips. I also work in the Film industry and Design. I enjoy Digital art drawing. reading online comics, Anime and music.

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About the Series: Dissociate Series
Dissociate series; Dissociate Nalia's Resolve, True Nairobi, Red Nairobi and Last chapter.

Sixteen-year-old Kenyan Nalia knows nothing other than the life given to her by the powerful Avakian House ran by businessman Mica Avakian. Nalia knows a luxurious life fueled by flesh trade and drug trafficking. She has reaped the rewards of this lifestyle for years and is content, but a darkness avails itself to her. Nalia runs from her home and faces new challenges in pursuit of freedom and happiness. She is haunted by memories of a dark past that threatens her almost immaculate present. She reacts to this fear by finding comfort in Kyura, a seventeen-year-old who has his own demons to tame. Both Nalia and Kyura are at a precipice. Drugs and alcohol indulgence, unfulfilled promises and a quest for change are the catalysts to the direction they take. A choice has to be made; impending doom or inviolable sanctity.

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