Why I Believe in God

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Silvio Famularo is a New Zealander of Italian decent. He has had a varied career as an opera singer, comedian, actor and public speaker as well as having owned and managed several businesses. Now in his later years he is mainly devoting his time to writing books with the aim of sharing the good and valuable information he has learned in life with others. His philosophy is that it is not what you accumulate in life that matters, but what you contribute.

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Review by: Graham Murray on Aug. 9, 2011 :
Fortunately, this is merely your blinkered opinion. Equally fortunate is that we do have solid, irrefutable explanations for everything that seems to have you completely baffled; from a simple sunrise to the Big Bang.
Perhaps if you did some research and alternative reading then you too would understand them.

Your claiming that: “Anyone who says they don’t adhere to any faith at all is either a very lazy, or very shallow thinker” is both insulting and typically arrogant of those with blind religious ‘faith’.

I for one do not adhere to any ‘faith’ as I know the demonstrable facts behind everything you mention here. Do not assume that just because you don’t understand the simplest of things that others follow in your footsteps. You are in a vast minority.

You state (sic): “People who believe that the Universe started with a big bang cannot possibly
escape the fact that there would have needed to be something there in the first place to explode and something to cause the explosion. It couldn't have all started with nothing. Besides, explosions never produce anything but
devastation. At least there is one thing we can all agree on - the world couldn't have created itself.”

Good grief! This is possibly the most naïve statement I have read in many years and clearly comes from someone living in a shell. You may believe this; millions do not.
This simple concept has been explained and proved many, many times and is the currently accepted belief by the overwhelming majority.

Whilst you are entitled to your opinion and blind faith, this does not give you the right to undermine others’ beliefs and opinions and try to sell them yours. The missionaries tried that one and look what they did. Even worse is that they’re still at it.

Your ‘faith’ is your business; but few of us want it rammed down our throats. Neither do we wish to be insulted and minimized because we have taken the time to raise ourselves above blind faith and ignorance. In any event, ‘faith’ does not necessarily pertain to religion; the two are quite different, fortunately.

I have ‘faith’ that my home will not be blown away by a tornado in the night because I read the weather report before I went to bed. You, on the other hand, think that ‘God’ simply decided not to blow your house away during the night.

Your god must really hate the Japanese, huh? Sending them that tsunami. Or wait, was that merely the result of tectonic plates shifting and causing the seabed to suddenly rise up? Who put the seabed there?

Do you ‘believe’ in mountains? How do you think they got there? And because I can’t ‘prove’ God exists, I likewise can’t prove that mountains exist, either. This is your logic, not mine. Besides, does not the entire point of ‘faith’ lie in not having to prove anything? Why do Christians always come across as doubtful of their own ideals, constantly reiterating what they believe? It’s as if they feel the need to reassure themselves.

You stated that you “can’t see nature”.
My advice? Get to an eye doctor as soon as possible. But don’t worry, we smart scientists have figured out how biological eyes work and can help you to see properly.

Never, ever forget the fact that your ‘belief system’ is responsible for most of the torture, murder, rape, mayhem and destruction on this planet since time began and Man first slithered out of the oceans (not the trees as we humans have nothing to do with apes or monkeys; we derive from fish).

My ‘belief system’ has merely striven to pull us from the dark ages and has given us everything YOU now need and cherish: your home, your food, your job, your computer, your car; your health and the freedom to walk down the street in relative safety. And the ability to write what you have.
There are simple, logical explanations for everything you have mentioned. To use your own dogma; seek and ye shall find.

Instead of basing your belief on a few pages of fiction written by a handful of aged old men a thousand years ago about something that happened forty years before they wrote it, I suggest you read some of the works by the likes of contemporaries such as Richard Dawkins, who will reveal your true world to you, not the fantasy in which you currently reside, all based on the scribblings of a few old men.

Whilst your ‘Guiding Light’ is a work of fiction dreamed up and modified by the Romans (Constantine) in order to sell a concept (Christianity), Dawkins et al write the facts as we know and understand them and, as true scientists, they update them on a regular basis as new evidence comes to light. Most of these men also have ‘faith’ but are not blinded by it.

The Golden Rule of any adopted dogma is to ensure that it is updated regularly as we seek newer, better explanations. When last was yours updated? And by whom? Were they there? Can they offer any evidence? Of course not. It’s all supposition and guesswork, i.e. fiction.

Ignorance is a choice. Intelligence is a reward.
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Review by: Raja Sharma on Aug. 8, 2011 :
Logic is well supported and the style of writing is admirable. I enjoyed reading he book.

Good Work!

Raja Sharma
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