दो गज़ ज़मीन

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ये गद्य सत्य घटना से प्रेरित है | ये कहानी दीनदयाल जो एक मज़दूर किसान थे उनकी पत्नी चंदा और उनके तीन बच्चे हीरा, धीर और बलबीर की है | 1980 के दौर में चित्रित इस कहानी में सभी तरह की भावनाए जिससे एक मनुष्य अपने जीवनकाल में गुजरता है और समाज की उसपर क्या टीका टिप्पड़ी होती है ये प्रदर्शित है | More
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Review by: TiraPlum1 on May 14, 2018 :
I ran this one through Google translate and then read it. I did find it interesting, but it was as good as all these 5-star reviews indicate.
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Review by: mona dev on May 14, 2018 :
Enjoyed this book very much. Liked the storyline and the characters.
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Review by: rohit aggarwal on May 14, 2018 :
The reader never knows from one page to the next what might happen. That continues to make this book successful and suspenseful
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Review by: sanjeev dixit on May 14, 2018 :
Found the book very good at least the second half.
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Review by: david bemphy on May 12, 2018 :
I must say I didn't have the highest of hopes for this book as I have not had much luck with Indy writers, however I this book is better than any others and better than most "traditional" books. The author put together a well written, logical, believable storyline that most importantly for me was not predictable as most other "thrillers" I have read. I did not have any idea how the story would end which is the exception to the rule. Now for the bad--which isn't much. There were a few writing errors, mostly typo's that would have been caught by a traditional editor, but not enough to drop my rating to less than 5 stars because the story itself is so well done that the typo's were merely a minor distraction. This book reminds me a lot of Nelson Demille--just as well written and smattered with the same style of humor and sarcasm at times. Great read and I highly recommend it
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Review by: rajni singh on May 12, 2018 :
liked the book. Good story line. Some peeps may have complained about the language but I did not find it offensive or overdone. Liked the character development. There was a political jab which is fine
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Review by: dhruv rastogi on May 12, 2018 :
I enjoyed reading this book & this one doesn't disappoint.
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Review by: rishi joshi on May 12, 2018 :
I enjoyed both the locale and the characters. The plot had some nice twists and kept me reading. Solid read.
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Review by: sakshi Singh on May 6, 2018 :
Very well written, with an interesting and different plot. Great cliffhanger ending!
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