Oslo Spies

Norway is a destroyed country at the end of World War II. Enter Phyllis Bowden, a young woman in military intelligence, assigned to the American Embassy after the Germans have retreated. Her already difficult job is complicated by the appearance of a runaway child and the disappearance of her fiancé, an Mi5 agent, putting Phyllis in the worst struggle of her young life and career. More
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September 1, 2018
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About SJ Slagle

I'm an unabashed lover of mysteries. Sue Grafton, Sherlock Holmes, Lawrence Block, Walter Mosley, JA Jance and Tony Hillerman are just a few authors who have tantalized my imagination over the years and I reread their work whenever I need stimulation. And instruction. A writer goes to the master to learn that certain turn of phrase, a unique POV or how to kickstart the story reverberating in your head.

I grew up in Illinois, moved to Arizona and, after college, toured some of the world including Puerto Rico, Florida and the Virgin Islands. I've traveled throughout my lifetime giving setting and tone new twists as my horizons expanded. My work as a teacher in Language Arts and video production have proven time and again to be superb launching pads for my writing.

I was advised to have a "brand" for my work, so I write mysteries as SJ Slagle and western romances as Jeanne Harrell. My sister and I started writing children's book long ago and those are published under both our names: Sinda Cheri Floyd. Floyd happens to be our maiden name and the stories we write are loosely based on our collective experiences during childhood.

But it's mysteries I come back to again and again. It's hard to write about yourself in a few paragraphs without seeming humble or arrogant. I hope I've written enough to give you a flavor of SJ Slagle and to be curious about my books. Happy reading!


Oslo Spies, a new historical fiction mystery due to be published September 1. A young woman in military intelligence is assigned to the American Embassy in Norway just after the war. 1945 is a memorable year. When Phyllis Bowden encounters a runaway child and her fiancé disappears, she's in for the struggle of her career and life.

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