Max and the Dream Time - A Novella

The headache from saving the boy on the ice was the first clue.

The gang always knew Max was special, and more so after he found the Orb. Jamie was the first to notice the effects Max was suffering from the Orb. She made Max confess and she vowed to never let her friend suffer alone.

Jamie was afraid of the future.

Max had seen the future and knew what he needed to do to protect his friends. More

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About Ruairí Cinéad Ducantlin

January 19, 2019

Many thanks to those how have read my books. The feedback has been more than I could have wished for when I began this new journey. Here are my responses to a few questions I receive often.

“Where do I begin reading your books?”
The Summitate Trilogy is the starting point and is the genesis of the primary characters.

“What genre are your stories?”
Heavily sprinkled with humor, pop culture reference, and social commentary, I classify the Summitate Trilogy as Science Fiction / Fantasy. The Carina Series is pure Space Opera. Building on the outcomes of the Summitate Trilogy, the Carina Series science fiction set in interstellar travel. The short ties that make up Max and the Dream are a collection targeted at the “Young Adult” reader.

“What gives you inspiration to write?”
That is a simple question with no clear response. I write because I like the process of artistic creation. Researching this specific question, because I wanted to satisfy my own curiosity, I came upon an interesting point. Generally speaking, there are two type of writers. There are Plotters and Pantsers.
Plotters write the story’s outline, ending and many more details before they begin filling in the details.
Pantsers sit down and start writing letting the creative flow dictate the story.

I am somewhere in the middle. I create an outline, revise the outline, then start the creative process. I do not let the outline become a constraint. If the story veers from outline, I adjust the outline and keep going.
The inspiration come forms somewhere inside my desire to create.

February 26, 2018
In September 2017, I was privileged to hear Ken Follett speak during his Column of Fire tour. Always one of my favorite authors, Mr. Follet’s answers during the Q&A session were encouraging. As a teen, I too was inspired by Ian Fleming’s work and hearing a world-renowned author express his similar inspirations gave me renewed enthusiasm.
Also, Mr. Follet has been to Dukes Bar, Mayfair London. Anyone who has been to Duke’s is an inspiration. If you visit Dukes, put on your big boy/girl pants, and try the Vesper Martini.

I received this quite often: “You wrote a few books?” My current reply is most often: “I’ve written four books and five short stories.” There is something cathartic about putting your ideas into a story. Initial reviews are positive and encouraging. (OK, a few people agreed to read the books, but they don’t really like the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre.) The “how to self-publish research” said I should create a site to go along with the release. So… I did that too.

Max and the Dream Time
What would you do if the teenage you found the ability to see the future? What if changing the present would help someone you love not suffer pain in the future? Would you change the present to alter the future for someone you love?
Max found the ability to see the future.
Max, Mark, Randall, and Jamie are about to enter grade nine. Max’s friend’s already though Max was odd. Max’s new ability to learn anything quickly, coupled with knowing the future, confirmed to Mark, Randall, and Jamie: “Max your weird.”

Summitate Trilogy
Biomass, Dominion, and Connections are the titles in the series. Nathan Tiberias Brooks, NT, is a struggling freelance writer who stumbles upon a plan for global genocide. The owners of a giant pharmaceutical company have developed a true wonder drug: ColdStar. ColdStar cures the common cold and flu.
Except, the founder of Morningstar Pharmaceuticals, and his laboratory director plan to use the ColdStar nasal spray to eliminate 80% of earth’s population.
NT is asked to join a team constructed to stop the genocide. Stopping the genocide was the easy part. The hard part is in understand how to control the extraordinary abilities that came as a side-effect of the ColdStar cure.

Carina Series
Time is an Illusion is the first book in the Carina series, followed by A Calm Mind and Our Place. Picking up a new adventure, a couple of years after the Summitate Trilogy, NT chronicles Corb Levi Johnson’s ascension to the most powerful recipient of the ColdStar side-effects. Corb has big plans. Plans that will take the human condition to new level of understanding and capabilities.

About Me
Fortunately, in secondary school, my interest in reading was sparked. A close friend and an instructor, who took interest in a boy he later called ‘The rebel without a clue.,’ were instrumental in my learning the value of a good book. Both piqued my interest in reading. My lifelong friend inspired me to read J.R.R. Tolkien and I became addicted to the fantasy genre. The instructor required I read interesting historical novels for academic credit. Frank Norris, Leon Uris, and Ken Follett are inspirations and fuel my love of history.
Born to a military family, it was only logical that I follow the military tradition. However, after four years of “yes sirs” and scraping the wax off floors I decided there must be more fun in a corporate career.
Thirty plus years of work experiences across the globe, the corporate career landed me in Colorado where I live with my wife and I can be close to my children and grandchildren.

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About the Series: Max and the Dream TIme
Fourteen-year-old Max knows the there is life beyond a dying mill town. He wants out and he wants to take Jamie with him.

There was no way out until Max found the crystalline Orb.

The Orb gifted Max with the ability to observe the future and he learned the future is not predetermined. Max discovered he could modify the present to redirect the future.

In subtle ways, Max started adjusting the present.

Altering the present, to create a new future, is not easy. The bigger the transformation in the present, the more pain Max received from the Orb.

Max decided to accept the consequence to protect Jamie from her devastating future.

It is true: Time heals all wounds. Max is taking a short-cut by changing the present to prevent wounds that have not yet occurred. What would you do if you found an object that gave you the ability to see the future

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