Weight Training: A Beginners Guide to Building a Leaner, Bigger, Stronger Body, Naturally and Easily

And… in this title, you're going to learn secrets that most people will never know... because they're actually tried, tested, and scientifically proven to work. And, I've even done them myself, with excellent results, over many years! More
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About Vince Kowalski

Vince Kowalski is a fitness fanatic, and finds enjoyment in testing how we, as humans, can improve and push the human body to its limits. After 10 years of training, he has figured out what does (and does not) work, and is versed in weight training, strength straining and the role nutrition has to play on the body as a whole.

Vince sees that there is a huge misconception in the marketplace; people are told to buy this protein powder, or buy this product, or even information that is just plainly wrong on many levels. He wants to cut through the BS and provide actionable information that will yield real results without you having to spend a dime, other than a gym membership.

Vince also wholeheartedly believes that building a great-looking, strong, healthy body is achievable. In fact, he states that it’s actually quite easy once you understand the fundamentals of what muscle strength is, and the application of the attention and nutrition necessary to thrive.

He has published several books, articles and blogs in the hopes of changing the way people view their bodies, in a way that promotes their success in the safest and healthiest way possible.

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