Two Half Truths

Andreas Reign was a piece of me that didn’t know purpose.I was just student. He was so much more-writer,poet,painter,artist,dancer,but always a friend. He was all of that, and somehow none of it.He was everything I dreamt to be, and the only thing I could never be-He was free.He was a breath of inspiration between my words.
I was Andreas Reign...or at least I always wanted to be.
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About Andreas Reign

My name is Saransh Kejriwal and I write poetry under my pen-name - Andreas Reign.
I work as a software developer and I started writing poetry as a hobby in college, to be able to express my experiences and feelings in words.

I find solace in writing under a pen-name, because I find it liberating - Anybody can be Andreas Reign; Andreas Reign can be anybody

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