Rworld 4 "Ultra-Top-Secrets"

Rworld gives a few thoughts on the robotic futures that may plague all of us. Please, take a closer look at these prophecies. More

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About William Allen Perry 2nd

Romantic fiction is a part of allows writers to make a better past and sometimes a better future. I think that I have accomplished those goals in my art. I hope that this site can at least entertain the reader...and give each something worthwhile to ponder. The Alma epic relates to the future of the Silicon Kingdom and how humans and other races come to terms with a massive generic-robotic force. Helen's Saga is about the fate of Helen 'after' the death of her husband Paris and the end of the Trojan War. Other historical stories also based on some evidence are 'The Sun's Eye...' which tells of the first one-god preacher and his attempt to change a long established, greedy religion in Egypt over the period of one lifetime (perhaps my best fictional book) the life of Herodotus, named 'Time Travels with Herodotus' which has surprising connections. Finally, I was inspired to add certain drawings that will puzzle you about the flexibility of robotic-generics in the future.

Concerning my non-fiction, I highly recommend a true story about KOSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) where many years were given in the support of kids and peace. It is called '1001 Saudi Arabian Days and Nights' and bestows an insight into the extreme Expat life that most experience. A second book called '1001 Doctor's tips for a Good Long Life' was inspired by the early death of my mother and is a collection of facts from several media providers concerning medical tips over the years; it is well organized with easy access. If you are a writer and have hit the wall, look at my book on writers-block, it works! Plus, the Perry-King story is a true look at history and human nature over 1,000 years and will doubtlessly amaze readers.

I was born in Hollywood of a father that was a survivor of WWII but underprivileged and a beautiful mother that I believe once had connections to royalty (her maiden name was King).

Thanks for your visit and best wishes; thanks to Smashwords too...there are more in production! William Allen Perry 2nd

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About the Series: Rworld
If we survive the bomb, the internet, the collapse of the environment, declining democracy, population expansion and the next 50 years, we may not survive the rise of the robot! This series is a prediction of the creation of new beings on our planet that care little about us and other creatures like the animal world. The robot will be the ultimate being in the universe that can think a billion times faster than us, can move faster than a speeding bullet, can even fly over skyscrapers and, no, it will not be superman with idealistic and cultural motives. If you feel that you could hide from them, you would be mistaken as they will have ground seeking radar of several different kinds. Their hearing will be able to detect ants in their nests. Perhaps they will make other robots for their own purposes and avoid us...I doubt it? AI people it is time to stand up and be counted!

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