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Between Air Force Pararescue school, deployments, a baby, and the strain that military life can put on a family, they’ve discovered life has to fall apart in order to fall back together again.

When a terrorist attack puts Maddie's life in grave danger, their lives definitely fall apart, and Seth knows saving her might be the only thing that saves them. More

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Review by: Readers Together on April 24, 2018 :
This book! I adore it so much! It’s a powerful, thought-provoking, emotional rollercoaster that I think everybody is going to love.

I first read Flightpath when it originally released as part of Cristin Harber’s Titan World and thoroughly enjoyed it, it was my favourite out of the 11 books in that series of books. There was just something about it that I identified with. Maybe because my dad worked away when I was a kid, not in the military, but still, that sense of not knowing, it’s there; the communication difficulties, the airport scenes. Yeah, I could relate. Then maybe it was the fact that this is such a perfect love story. Seth and Maddie are the perfect couple, they have a love everybody hopes they’ll one day achieve. But, mainly, it was Amber’s writing. She writes so beautifully, describing places, scenes, and emotion so well that the reader is awestruck by its beauty. I laughed, and I cried, and I swooned. Amber does something pretty unique and special in this story, she immerses you into the lives of these characters, so much so, that you feel connected to them on an emotional level, the things they were feeling, you felt with them. The struggles they experienced, well, you’re right there with them too. It also gives a great understanding of the military life, how couples cope with the separation and the effects it has on the relationship. Either a lot of research went into this aspect of the book, or she has some firsthand knowledge – it really upped the appeal of this book. I was extremely invested in this story and what was happening between these characters.

Amber’s writing is flawless, it’s hard to believe this is her first published book, she writes like a pro! Not only does she Captivate you with the story of Seth and Maddie, but she draws you in with supporting characters too. This story is beautiful. I wanna know more about Matt and Katie. I loved that Olivia was a forward kid, I’m surrounded by smart little boys that were talking away from being a toddler so it’s nice to see that in a book, rather than have her just babble. Maddie is awesome, she is so sassy, which I love, she has a lot to deal with. Her husband is halfway across the world in a war zone, not having instant answers to her worries, having a baby, all of it, I felt for her and could understand her reactions and worries. Seth, good heavens, this man is so swoon-worthy, it’s not even funny, he’s taken – I have it in writing from the author, so don’t get any ideas. He is sweet and sexy, and he’s strong and smart. He has that commanding presence to him, that makes you just want to do whatever he says. It’s funny because some lines if anyone would say them I’d find them quite condescending, but with Seth, they were just perfect, they were a part of his character and came from his heart. If I’m ever in trouble, please, for the love of everything, send Seth to save me. I loved that they were in it together, it was always them against the world and they fought for their love.

This book was wonderful the first time around, and it’s even better this time. The extended epilogue is cute and fits with the story and gives it a nice finish. The new cover, swoon, it’s so perfect, it’s Seth and Maddie without a doubt. I thought I loved the original cover, which I did, but this is even better. A little advice – make sure you have those kleenexes handy. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer… because I wasn’t ready to leave this couple. I want more! That’s not to say the book isn’t complete, it is and is wonderful, I just adore these characters and I selfishly want more of them.
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