59 Web Applications for Lean Startup Companies and Entrepreneurship

We have selected some of the best startup apps, companies can implement into their marketing and management schedule to produce some quick wins and get ahead of the competition. More
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About Ben Stanford

My name is Ben Stanford and I am a 33 year old project manager from Red Cedar Websites. I am an experienced web designer, developer, blogger and experienced SEO analysts. Through my four years of professional experience, I have gained a good reputation for my exceptional design and usability skills, in addition to my semantically clean coding practices.

Through my years as a web professional, I have gained a good reputation for my attention to detail on the usability aspects of websites, my creative problem solving skills, and warm, and refreshing approach to my projects. As a front-end developer, I stand out because I am also a designer for one. So I understand both design principles and coding, which pushes me to strive in making my coding always come out semantically, practical, and in the most efficient way possible.

If you would be interested in working with a company for the short term please get in contact.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day!


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