The Written Word

In THE WRITTEN WORD, you will read the amazing story of how God's Word originally came to man, how it was preserved over the centuries, and how it has been translated into the English language. The author writes from a conservative, pro-Received Text and pro-KJV viewpoint.

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About Stephen Baker

STEPHEN BAKER is the author of Raised, Relationship and Fellowship, Repentance: God's Marvelous Gift, and other books and Bible studies. He and his wife, April, have served as full-time foreign missionaries with MWBM, and Stephen has been privileged to teach the Word of God in the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Peru, the Philippines and South Africa; as well as in the USA. Stephen pastors a church, and serves God in local jail ministry. He also preaches weekly on the Bible Expositor's Podcast on Stephen is a graduate of Crown Seminary in Powell, Tennessee, and a member of the Trinitarian Bible Society.

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