The Divided : Amalgam War

The angels of Adaeus’ day denounced Deverill as myth.

They were wrong.

But nobody knows it.

It’s been ten years since the Summit War cost Inassa both her parents, but her resolve to continue their legacy remains undimmed. As heir to King Adaeus’ angelic nation, there’s one thing she knows for certain: the Supremacist Council isn’t doing half what it should to protect the humans on Horizon from More

Available ebook formats: epub

  • Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Dark
  • Words: 102,030
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370639335
About P D'arcuri

P D’arcuri is a personal trainer and an ex-performer of the arts, but it is storytelling and digital design that are closest to his heart. An ardent creative writer and poem enthusiast, in his spare time he enjoys reading, self-educating, exploring and traveling. He loves meeting new people from all walks of life and accommodating friends and family when he’s able.

D’arcuri discovered early on in life that he enjoys trying new things. In his early teens he began modeling for well-known brands such as GUESS, DIESEL, and SAMSUNG, but it was always movies and animation that captured his heart. As a hobby he began to write scripts, short stories, and poetry, and even started penning his own quotes to convey his views and experiences, sharing them on social media to encourage and inspire others.

D’arcuri’s work is driven by a fervent desire to evoke emotion; every story he writes begins with an emotion that blossoms into an idea expressed vividly in words. Through the power of story he aims to motivate, touch, and edify others. Grant him a podium and the passion of his words, flawlessly sculpted, will strike the deepest chords of your heart.

D’arcuri honed his storytelling skills teaching English to foreign students with a diploma earned through his two-and-a-half year military service. Combined with past and current jobs, his military experience molded his ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, allowing him to master the art of driving a point across all audiences despite language and cultural barriers.

He makes his debut into the realm of supernatural fantasy with The Div/ded: the compelling story of Inassa, an angelic princess heiress to an age-old struggle between light and dark who walks the knife-edge of treachery and compromise as she strives to protect the kingdom she holds dear. Rich with themes of drama, revenge, betrayal and love, Inassa’s story explores the fearsome courage of a young woman straining to reach truth through convoluted shades of good and evil.

Through The Div/ded readers will have the chance to interact with D’arcuri, to sample his magical ingenuity and taste the complexity of his creativity. He also hopes to create a platform where fellow creative minds are encouraged to explore their own talents.

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